Foster Youth Program

Foothill College participates in the Foster Youth Success Initiative to help connect current and former foster youth with the support services and financial aid they need to achieve their academic goals.

If you are foster youth or former foster youth, please contact Christine Johnson at 650-949-7470 or email for more information and assistance getting started!

Special Opportunities and Resources for Foster Youth

Click on a program link below to learn more about the Foster Youth program benefits and information on how to apply.

Foothill Campus Resources that Current and Former Foster Youth should not miss!
  • Scholarship opportunities through Foothill and outside sources. View our Campus Scholarship page for more information about Foster Youth Scholarship opportunities.

  • Foothill College EOPS (Extended Opportunity Program):  This program offers counseling, peer advising, tutoring, a Summer College Readiness Program, help paying for books and fees, and more. Being a current or former foster youth may increase your chances of becoming enrolled in the program. Learn more about eligibility for the EOPS program.

  • Pass the Torch: When you join the Pass the Torch program, you gain a support system and one-to-one tutoring to help you succeed in certain English and Math core courses.

  • First Year Experience Program (FYE): FYE is a 1-year learning community that provides first-year students with the resources and support they need to successfully transition to college. Foster Youth is one of several populations that FYE is designed to serve. If you are interested in learning more about the program before you start at Foothill, please send an email to, with the subject:  FYE Pilot.
Other Useful Foster Youth Resource LInks
Details for How to Apply for Special Foster Youth Scholarships and Resources

Priority Registration at Foothill College

Current and former foster youth are eligible for priority registration each quarter. This increases your chances of getting the classes you want at the times you want them.

  • To be eligible, you just need to provide verification of your current/former foster youth status (if it hasn’t already been verified for you).
  • You can do this through Foothill’s Financial Aid Office (which you may need to do to be considered independent on the FAFSA financial aid application if you are under 24 years of age) or through Foothill’s Admissions & Records Office. 
  • Contact Christine Johnson at the Financial Aid Office at or Roland Amit at the Admissions & Records Office at for more information and to see whether you need further verification.

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Chafee Grants

If you are or were in foster care and have financial need, you may qualify for up to $5,000 a year for career and technical training or college. You don't have to pay this money back. You may also be able to use your grant to help pay for child care, transportation and rent while you're in school. You can use your Chafee Grant at any eligible California college or university or career or technical school, as well as schools in other states.

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John Burton Foundation 2015-2016 Scholarships - Apply Now!
  • Backpack to Success Laptop Essay Competition Win a laptop!
    • Open to all Chafee eligible students (must have been in foster care on or after the age of 16 and must not have reached your 22nd birthday by July 1, 2015); you do not need to be receiving a Chafee to qualify.
    • Deadline to submit your application and essay to the Foothill Financial Aid Office: Friday, Oct. 9, 2015
    • Download the Laptop Essay Competition application for more information and to apply.

  • Backpack to Success Gift Card Program (offers eligible students $100 in gift cards to help with academic pursuits)
    • Open to all Chafee eligible students (must have been in foster care on or after the age of 16 and must not have reached your 22nd birthday by July 1, 2015); you do not need to be receiving a Chafee to qualify.
    • Application open throughout the 2015-16 academic year
    • Download the Gift Card Program application for more information and to apply.

  • Burton Book Fund 2015-16 (up to $350 in textbook fund support)
    • Open to students who are enrolled in college and who were in foster care on or after the age of 13.
    • Download the Burton Book Fund application for more information and to apply.

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Silicon Valley Children’s Fund YES (Youth Education Scholars) Program and Scholarships

YES Scholarships offer scholarship funds and case management/coaching to full-time college students.

  • If you were a dependent of the court and in an out-of-home foster care placement in Santa Clara County or San Mateo County for at least one day after your 13th birthday, you may be eligible.
  • Viist the SVCF website for full details on YES program scholarships.

Although the 2015-16 Scholarships have already been awarded, SVCF encourages all interested current and former foster youth to email them with their contact information (include your date of birth and, if possible, where and when you were in foster care).

Please email Sherri Brooks at with your information. You will be notified when the 2016-17 applications are available.

If SVCF can tell that you will not be eligible, they will let you know and advise you about other scholarships that you may be eligible for. Learn more on the YES Program website.

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iFoster: Special Free and Discounted Resources for Foster Youth
  • Sign up for free to become a member of iFoster to take advantage of 100s of resources, including free or deeply discounted laptops, phones, and other products, online personal assistance, job resources, etc. (too many to mention)!
  • Open to current and former Foster/Kinship/Crossover Youth, ages 16 to 24 (but will accept some who are older)
  • For more information, go to the iFoster for Youth website or call iFoster at 1-855-936-7837 or email them at

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