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November 18, 2013 - October 28, 2014FHDA Money Card Useful Information

Once you submit your supplemental paperwork requested by the Financial Aid Office and register for classes, an FHDA Money Card will be initiated. Within 1-2 weeks Higher One bank, will mail a lime green envelope along with the card to the financial aid address listed on the college system and your MyPortal record. Once you receive an envelope from Higher One, you would need to enter your 16-digit card number, activate your card and choose Refund Preference through At the disbursement date, funds disbursed to you by Financial Aid Office will go through Admissions and Records Office, pay any outstanding balance you may have and the remaining balance will be deposited into your Higher One card/personal bank account. If you do not receive your FHDA Money Card shortly after you submitted your supplemental paperwork and registered for classes or if you loose your card, please call Higher One bank at (866) 663-2228 or email at For more information please visit


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