Discover the Universe at Foothill College
The Astronomy Department at Foothill College offers lecture and laboratory classes conducted by Andrew Fraknoi. Courses in solar system and stellar astronomy provide students with a non-technical introduction to the worlds with which we share our solar system; the life and death of stars; the formation of galaxies; and the evolution of the universe.
The Foothill College Observatory
Located on the main campus,the observatory provides students and community members with the opportunity for first-hand exploration of the wonders of the universe. Regularly scheduled public programs provide close-up views of the Sun, Moon, stars and planets through the observatory's telescopes.
The Silicon Valley Astronomy Lecture Series
Founded in 1999, the Silicon Valley Astronomy Lecture Series lectures are presented on six Wednesday evenings during each school year at Foothill College. Speakers over the years have included Nobel-prize winners, members of the National Academy of Sciences and many other well-known scientists explaining astronomical developments in everyday language.
The series, moderated by Foothill College Astronomy instructor Andrew Fraknoi, is sponsored by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, the SETI Institute, NASA's Ames Research Center and Foothill College. Topics range from the exploration of the planets to the speeding up of the expanding universe; from planets around other stars to black holes at the centers of
distant galaxies.
Lectures are free to the general public. You can obtain free audio files (podcasts) of the lectures from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific and video versions of a few of the current lectures at YouTube Channel.
To be notified of upcoming lectures in the series, please subscribe to: (Your e-mail will not be used for any other purpose.)
The Peninsula Astronomical Society
The Peninsula Astronomical Society holds its meetings on the campus of Foothill College at 7:30 p.m. on the second Friday of each month in room 5015 next to Parking Lot 5. There is a $3 charge for parking — visitor parking permits are available from the machines in the parking lots (see map). Meetings feature lectures by prominent members of the professional and amateur communities, and are open to the public.
Astronomy on the Web
For further explorations of the universe, check out these selected astronomy sites on the Web.
Coming in Winter 2017
Professor Fraknoi will retire from Foothill in June 2017. Winter quarter could be the last time to take Astronomy 10A with him. The class will be offered both during the day and in the evening, starting January 9 or 10.
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About Andrew Fraknoi

Silicon Valley
Astronomy Lecture Series
The Monster Black Hole at the Center of the Milky Way
an illustrated, non-technical lecture by
Dr. Andrea Ghez (UCLA)
Wed., Jan. 25 at 7 p.m.

Smithwick Theatre at Foothill College
Admission is free;
parking is $3
Arrive early to locate parking

See past SVA Lectures on
YouTube Channel