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Faculty-Staff Member P/F TitlePhoneeMail
Libby FloresP (408) 270-6479eMail
Gillian SchultzF Associate Professor (650) 949-7292eMail
Khoi DoP Adjunct Professor eMail
Dayna Hashimoto BaraoP Adjunct Professor 650-949-7335eMail
Sara CooperF Assistant Professor, Biology (650) 949-7595eMail
Marilyn ChildressP BA, RT, RDMS, Clinical Associate Diagnostic Medical Sonography (650) 949-7304
Kathleen DuncanF Biological Sciences, Honors Instructor (650) 949-7404eMail
Dadbeh RouhbakhshP Biology Instructor (408) 314-6314eMail
Laura BranaganP Biology Instructor (650) 949-7999 x4002eMail
Joanne LopezF Biology Instructor (650) 949-7475eMail
Martin MeliaF Biology Instructor (650) 949-7128eMail
Lisa SchultheisF Biology Instructor (650) 949-7780eMail
Jennie (Becky) JacobsP Biology Instructor (831) 345-2759eMail
Erin KewP Biology Instructor (408) 924-4842 (SJSU)eMail
Hilary BentonP Biology Instructor (650) 949-7999 x 4012eMail
John AtkinsF Biology Lab Tech 650-949-7496eMail
Jennifer KurushimaP Biology Professor 650-949-7249 Div OfficeeMail
Carolyn HolcroftF Biology Professor, Honors Instructor (650) 949-7429eMail
Nicole MarkelzP Biology/Biotechnology Instructor (650) 949-7999 x4016eMail
Nirmal GosaviP Biology/Biotechnology Instructor use emaileMail
Phil HawkinsP Biology/Biotechnology Instructor use emaileMail
Maria Matyska-PesekP Biotechnology Instructor (408) 288-7634eMail
Nicole McSweeneyP BS, RDMS, RDC, Clinical Associate Diagnostic Medical Sonography (650) 949-7304
Anne SandovalP BS, RDMS, RVT, Clinical Coordinator Diagnostic Medical Sonography (650) 949-7304
Alven ChengP BS, RT, RDMS, RVT, Clinical Associate Diagnostic Medical Sonography (650) 949-7304
Josh WestlingF Clinical Director, Respiratory Therapy Program 650-949-7115eMail
Nanette SolvasonF Dean, Biological and Health Sciences (650) 949-7730eMail
Kathleen Murphy, RDH, MAP Dental Assisting & Dental Hygiene Instructor 650-949-6335eMail
Jennifer Leicht, RDH, BSP Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene Instructor (650) 949-7999 x4009eMail
Eloise ReedP Dental Assisting Program Part time instructor 650-949-7335eMail
Truc Nguyen, RDAF Dental Assisting/Dental Hygiene Clinic Office Manager 650-949-7335eMail
Patti ChanF Dental Hygiene Clinical Coordinator 650-949-7330eMail
Phyllis Spragge, RDH, MAF Dental Hygiene Director (650) 949-7467eMail
Zenaida (Pia) Lirag, DDSP Dental Hygiene Instructor 650-949-7369, cliniceMail
Joyce Bettencourt, RDH, MAP Dental Hygiene Instructor (650)949-7999x4001eMail
Catherine Kornegay, RDH, M.A.P Dental Hygiene Instructor (650) 949-7335eMail
Judy Yamamoto, RDH, MSF Dental Hygiene Instructor (650) 949-7480eMail
Marisa WalkerP Dental Hygiene Instructor 650-949-7335eMail
Kathleen AustinF Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Director (650) 949-7304eMail
Shirley TreanorF Director of Health Science (650) 949-7619eMail
Rachelle CampbellF Director, Radiologic Technology (650) 949-7469eMail
Cara Miyasaki RDHEF, MSF Director, Dental Assisting Program and Dental Hygiene Instructor (650) 949-7351eMail
David HusemanF Director, EMS Programs, EMR, Emergency Med. Responder, EMT Emergency Med. Technician and Paramedic (408) 745-8031eMail
David SauterF Director, Environmental Horticulture Program (650) 949-7427eMail
Lucinda HirahokaF Director, Primary Care Program, Stanford Med Ctr (650) 498-4474eMail
Brenda HanningF Director, Respiratory Therapy Program (650) 949-7466eMail
Christine MangiameliF Division Admin Asst (650) 949-7349eMail
Cathy Draper, RDH, MSP Health & AHS instructor (650) 949-7335eMail
Ann NorthrupP Horticulture Instructor 650-949-7402eMail
Mike DiefenbachF Instructional Facilities Coordinator, Horticulture & Veterinary programs (650) 949-7185eMail
Gina BacigalupiP Instructor 650-949-7427eMail
Renee Herold, RDA, CDA, CDPMAP Instructor 650-949-7335 weMail
Thomas LassP Instructor (925) 408-8596eMail
David MayfieldP instructor 650-949-6988
Brian AlexanderP Instructor 650-949-6972eMail
Diane DeNagelP Instructor 650-949-6121eMail
Neelam JhaP Instructor 650-949-6121eMail
John ChewP Instructor - EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) use emaileMail
Stan BaldwinP Instructor - EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) use emaileMail
Angie MartinezP Instructor - EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) use emaileMail
Jim WyattP Instructor - EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) use email
Larry MillerP Instructor Respiratory Therapy (650) 380-0625eMail
Jessica WestfallP Instructor, BIOLOGY 650-949-7413eMail
Neha AhoraP Instructor, BIOLOGY 650-949-7413eMail
Jeffery TsaoP Instructor, BIOLOGY 650-949-7413eMail
Kenneth HorowitzF Instructor, Dental Hygiene Program (650) 949-7545eMail
Elizabeth ShelleyP Instructor, EMT 650-949-6955eMail
Michael YoungP Instructor, Environmental Horticulture 650-949-7204eMail
Frank NiccoliP Instructor, Environmental Horticulture 650-592-9440eMail
Daniel SvensonF Instructor, Environmental Horticulture Program (650) 949-7402eMail
Jenene Key, BS, MA, CRT, ARRTF Instructor, Radiologic Technology (650) 949-7593eMail
Bev LustigP Instructor, Radiologic Technology Program use emaileMail
Maureen MacDougallF Instructor, Veterinary Tech Program (650) 949-7468eMail
Sandy GregoryP Instructor, Veterinary Technology 650-949-7999 x4007eMail
Kathy DiefenbachF Instructor, Veterinary Technology (650) 949-7818eMail
Richard MosleyP Instructor, Viticulture use emaileMail
Joel LevisP Medical Director, Paramedic use emaileMail
Cuong SunP Paramedic Instructor use emaileMail
Jarod MiddletonP Paramedic Instructor use emaileMail
Brent PrimroseP Paramedic Instructor use emaileMail
Margaret GeringerP Part time instructor 650-949-6955eMail
Adrienne SaintenP Part time instructor 650-949-7249eMail
Roseann BergP Part time instructor 650-949-7249eMail
Janet SchlechterP Part time instructor 650-949-7335eMail
Gary CiambroneP Part time instructor 650-949-7249
Snehal MohileP Pharmacy Externship Coordinator/Instructor 650-949-6940
Angela SuF Pharmacy Technology Director (650) 949-6121eMail
Karen EricksonF Professor (650) 949-7413eMail
Kristina Zekos OrtizP Professor 650-949-7466eMail
Barbara (Bryn) HomsyP Professor 650-949-7427eMail
Amy EdwardsF Professor of Biology (650) 949-7041eMail
Lisa A. EshmanF Program Director (650) 949-7203eMail
Steven KnightF Program Director (650)949-7304eMail
Bonny Wheeler, MA, CRT, ARRTF Radiologic Technology Instructor (650) 949-7563eMail
Armita EnsaniP Respiratory Therapy Instructor 650-949-7249eMail
Kristen MerrimanP Respiratory Therapy Instructor 650-949-7249eMail
Robert KingP Respiratory Therapy Instructor 650-949-7466eMail
Xiaosu ZhangP Respiratory Therapy Instructor 650-949-7115eMail
Fred TovarF Stanford PCA, Director of Student Affairs, Assistant Director of Admissions 650-725-6959eMail
Lio FranciscoF Stanford, Primary Care Program, Admissions Coordinator Primary Care (650) 725-6959eMail
Linda VaughnP V P & Dean of Academic Affairs, South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium (408) 223-6730 officeeMail
Katharine TerryP Veterinary Tech Instructor and Internship Coordinator (650) 949-7999 x4033eMail
Karl Peter (Retired 3-31-14)P VT Program Director, Retired eMail
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