2015 Candidate Profiles

Student Trustee

  • Alexander Park

    (1) Alexander Park Candidate's Statement: Hi everyone, my name is Alexander Park and I'm currently serving as the ASFC Legislative Director. I've had the distinct pleasure of being part of discussions on legislative issues that affect student success by attending FHDA Board of Trustees meetings and other shared governance committees. I intend to invite elected officials and spearhead voter registration campaigns for 2015-2016. I will also initiate a petitions drive for Prop 13/30 which maintains funding for vital student services. It would an honor to represent Foothill students and I hope you will join me and vote A.P. for Trustee!

  • Lara-Shalaine Bergmann

    (2) Lara-Shalaine Bergmann Candidate's Statement: international student from Germany. I started my event management company in 2008, which gave me the opportunity to develop management, organization and leadership skills. During my first quarter at Foothill I was an activities agent, got elected as a senator during my second quarter and served as the Vice-president of Senate for the past year. As the senate board we have focused on political engagement and the benefits of the student body. For the upcoming year I am prepared to take it to the next level. If you trust me as your Student Trustee - VOTE FOR ME!

ASFC President Candidates

  • Choi Hou, Leong

    (1) Choi Hou, Leong   Candidate's Statement: I'm Choi and I'm running for ASFC President. I was an ASFC agent under the President's board, served as chair for API Heritage Month, and a student representative for Student Success and Support Program. I'm also a CAP liaison which serves as a facilitator between ASFC and CAP. I've attended leadership and advocacy conferences such as CCCSAA Conference, Camp Wellstone, and the FACCC Advocacy Conference to speak on behalf on student's needs to legislators. Once elected, I'll continue to advocate for student's needs and help them navigate the Community College system to help students find the resources to succeed.

  • Breeze Wen Liu

    (2) Breeze Wen Liu   Candidate's Statement: President (founder) of Public Speaking and Leadership club 2013-2015 State wide leadership experience: SSCCC region 4 communications officer 2014-2015 ASFC receptionist 2014-2015 5 times national awards winner on public speaking ASFC master of ceremony 2013-2014 Communication ambassador between you and the state! And more...

  • Marwa Nawabi

    (3) Marwa Nawabi   Candidate's Statement: After two years of experience and hundreds of hours committed to ASFC, I feel I am ready to challenge myself at another level. As President, I plan on increasing awareness about state issues affecting students, ensuring that our funds are allocated efficiently and equitably, establishing a welcoming environment at Foothill, and making sure that the voices of all students are heard. I hope to develop programs to enhance cultural, educational and social interaction on campus, while increasing Foothill's presence off campus through service projects and events. As President, I aim to make every student's experience at Foothill a rewarding one.


VP of Activities Candidates

  • Phuong Lam Hoang

    (1) Phuong Lam Hoang   Candidate's Statement: My name is Phuong Lam Hoang, and I am the candidates running for the Board of Activities Vice president position. For what I know, the job is extremely demanding as we are required to organize campus and student government's activity. However, I am very confident that this job will not be much of a challenge to me, as I have good skills to compete with other candidates. As a communication majors, I have the friendly demeanor to get along with people, the persuasion and networking skill to unit many people, and the diligence that allows me to work harder and accomplish plans before deadline with better quality. For those reasons, I believe that I am a capable candidate for the Vice president of Board of activities.

  • Ridhuan Rizal

    (2) Ridhuan Rizal   Candidate's Statement: Hey guys! I'm Ridhuan, a freshman majoring in Economics. I am running for the position of Vice President of Activities. I want to help make the Activities Board a more inclusive and outreaching organisation as the face of ASFC and Foothill College. I love to work with people. At school, I was a national debater, worked with underprivileged children in an NGO, and captain for the athletics team for 2 years -earning a golden sunburn tan as a memento. After serving in ASFC for 2 quarters, I am currently an Activities Coordinator. I hike, cycle, and am passionate about photography.

  • Winardy Pranoto

    (3) Winardy Pranoto   Candidate's Statement: My name is Winardy Pranoto and I'm a candidate for the VP of Activities. The VP of Activities should not only be hardworking, dedicated and efficient, but also possess leadership skills to lead the board. I possess these qualities and am therefore a suitable candidate for this position. Furthermore, I have numerous past experiences in organizing events and activities such as Cultural Awareness Day. If I were to get this position, I am confident that I will be able to organize many more events for the benefit of Foothill College and be a great VP.


VP of Administration Candidates

  • Luke Cheung

    (1) Luke Cheung   Candidate's Statement: Hi, I'm Luke! I'm running for the VP of administration! I didn't get in touch to the student government until the Winter quarter, where I started working closer with other people and getting to know them. I turned to be the office administrator for the administration board and the OBD representative for different clubs. And currently, I am working as the campus center board chair. Instead of solely huge responsibilities, I also seek it as a chance to serve every students. It is my ambition to work as the bridge between students and ASFC. Let's make a difference together!

  • Saad Azam

    (2) Saad Azam   Candidate's Statement: After being in ASFC for two quarters, I believe it is time to take my experience to the next level. I was born locally in the Bay Area and have lived here my entire life. As Vice President of Admin, I will make sure that I have an extremely diverse board and will be available to the students at all times. My goal is to make sure the student government office is welcoming to all students and have students more involved on campus. Get involved, voice your thoughts, and let's have a great year! Vote Saad!


VP of Finance Candidates

  • Stephen Mulyasasmita

    (1) Stephen Mulyasasmita   Candidate's Statement: Hi! My name is Stephen Mulyasasmita and I am running for the Vice President of Finance Board. As the Vice President candidate, I plan to continue and increase ASFC's support of organizations and clubs in Foothill College. Working as the Business Operations Specialist in Finance Board for 2 quarters, as an intern in United Overseas Bank and as a scholar for Societal Leadership Conference in Singapore Management University, I believe I am qualified for this position and have adequate skills, the passion and experiences to make the right decisions that ultimately targets the benefits of the students of Foothill College.

  • Tushall Sharma

    (2) Tushall Sharma   Candidate's Statement: As an individual with prior experience as CFO for a multinational company in Singapore, I am committed to make reliable financial decisions. I want to run for VP of Finance because I think that every single department including executives and administrators need to be held accountable for every dollar that is spent. Through transparency I believe that you need to know where all your fees are being used. As your future VP of finance, I want to make sure that money is spent wisely benefitting the entire student body. It's my money, your money and our money!

  • (3) (Write-In Candidate) John Potter   Candidate's Statement: To view this write-in candidate's info, see the "Write-In Candidate" election from the main vote page.


VP of Marketing

  • John Hazem

    (1) John Hazem   Candidate's Statement: Having served on both the Activities Board and the Marketing Board, I have a significant amount of experience with ASFC publicity. As a Business Marketing major, I have a profound passion for marketing. Both my time on ASFC and my year studying Business have improved my skills in leadership, communication and responsibility. I plan on working with the resources we have, as well as finding new outlets to spread the word about what is going on at Foothill. Let's create a campus where students are satisfied with what they see and experience. Lets have a great year. Go Owls!

  • Chris Macrae

    (2) Chris Macrae   Candidate's Statement: Hi there! Maybe you're wondering, "who's Chris Macrae?" Well, I could tell you that I've done marketing internships at Silicon Valley businesses. Or that I was president of both the Debate and Theatre clubs at my high-school. And that I used to make artisan bass guitars for fun. But those are just facts. What really matters is that a vote for Chris Macrae is a vote for the future of Foothill. I promise to let everyone know about all of the amazing clubs, activities, and most importantly, FREE FOOD that Foothill has to offer. Together, we can make Foothill Awesome.

  • Esmeralda Uribe

    (3) Esmeralda Uribe   Candidate's Statement: My passion is to do marketing, I have been in ASFC since fall quarter of 2014, as the owl card benefits coordinator in the marketing board, and in this quarter I am in the activities board as the marketing director. Based on my experiences, my vision is to collaborate with all the other boards and listen to what ideas or activities we should be promoting on. I am an outgoing person, and I am willing to put ASFC as one of my top priorities. I will be dedicated to this position and give my all to serve my fellow students.


VP of Athletics Candidates

  • Howard Chong

    (1) Howard Chong   Candidate's Statement: Hello everyone, I'm Howard Chong. Coming to Foothill in pursuit of my higher education, I realize one thing: While Foothill is an academically strong school; students seem to focus too much on studying, there is little emphasis on our athletics or keeping a healthy lifestyle. I was there once, miserable, overweight, and a nerd. Now, I have changed myself for the better, investing in knowledge on nutrition, muscle development, and sports. I want to bridge the gap between our academics and athletics; everyone should have a balanced lifestyle. Let me demonstrate my vision, and together, we shall make a change.

  • (2) (Write-In Candidate) Donya Dehnad   Candidate's Statement: To view this write-in candidate's info, see the "Write-In Candidate" election from the main vote page.


VP of Organizations/Clubs Candidates

  • Melody Ye

    (1) Melody Ye   Candidate's Statement: I'm Melody Ye and I am running for Vice President of Organizations. VP of Organizations should be familiar with the clubs and organizations. I have always been ecstatically involved and have the knowledge needed for this position. I was an executive on the Organizations Board of Directors for Fall quarter and Spring quarter. I will definitely prioritize the student's need to build a more solid Foothill community. I plan on serving as a reliable liaison between students and the clubs, also emphasizing voices of the students. Please support me for a better administration and inter-club council.


VP of Senate Candidates

  • Courtney Cooper

    (1) Courtney Cooper   Candidate's Statement: I'm Courtney Cooper and I have been active as an OBD club representative for the last year and a half as well as being on the planning committee of several heritage months, including chair for Black History Month and attended the FACCC advocacy conference. I am running for VP of Senate because I want to contribute to Foothill's community by cultivating and promoting advocacy for student needs, transparency in the student government, and an open door policy for helping students get the resources needed to succeed.

  • Sitora Kamilova

    (2) Sitora Kamilova   Candidate's Statement: Hello my name is Sitora and I'm from Uzbekistan. Moving to Bay Area and being international student was challenging. However, being involved in ASFC helped me to overcome the obstacles by making new friends and getting involved in activities. ASFC gave me opportunity to become a part of a big family. I gained a lot of experience by attending meetings and currently being an Athletic Board Event Director and bringing up new events and projects. Also being a volunteer in non-profit organization USA for UNHCR, which helps with food, water, and shelters to countries with poor economy, occurred natural hazards and etc. was a good experience to learn to care for others. Being a political science major will help me to maintain a position of VP of Senate Board and become a voice of a students. I'm willing to put all of my effort to make Foothill College a better place and make sure that voice of every student is heard.

  • Surej Sathya

    (3) Surej Sathya   Candidate's Statement: My name is SUREJ SATHYA and I am running for the position as the VP OF SENATE. I am a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering. My role as the treasurer of Foothill's Science and Engineering Club since my first quarter has given me the expertise to properly use parliamentary procedure and fulfill the financial duties. By being the VP of operations for the peer-to-peer tutoring SPSquared program, I have proved myself as a team player and a critical thinker. I want to use my skills for the welfare of others. Want your voice to be heard? I can do it for you.


Senator Candidates

  • Nataly Wijono

    (1) Nataly Wijono   Candidate's Statement: Hi guys! I'm Nataly and if I'm elected for the senator position, I will do my best to represent you, the Foothill student body and be the platform that links you to the student council. Being an outgoing and energetic person, I'm not afraid to step out of my comfort zone and reach out to the student body. As a student myself, I feel that every student's voice should be heard. Given the opportunity, I would like to dedicate myself to provide a listening ear to your opinions as together, we can create a better campus environment for us all.

  • Crystal Lee

    (2) Crystal Lee   Candidate's Statement: Hi everyone! I decided that since I wanted to get more involved in the school, being a senator would be the best choice. As a senator, I would be the bridge between ASFC and the students. As a student, I know that it is difficult for some of us to approach the faculty and it would be more comfortable talking to other students. I am planning to collaborate with the other senators to improve the lives of Foothill students and am willing to commit time and work as hard as I can, should you give me the chance.

  • Casper Koopman

    (3) Casper Koopman   Candidate's Statement: I have been active in ASFC before, I have been involved in several events hosted by ASFC and I also organized my own events. I got good networking skills and I have been involved in a lot of different areas at Foothill College. Being active in clubs brought me public speaking skills and a lot of knowledge about how everything works here. As a senator I think it is important to show transparency and an optimistic view on the issues we have to deal with. I want to bring more of a community to Foothill and I want to focus on creating bridge between international and domestic students.

  • Audrey Budiman

    (4) Audrey Budiman   Candidate's Statement: My name is Audrey Budiman and I am running for ASFC Senator. I am passionate in running for this position, as I strongly believe that I would be able to represent the students well. As the voice of the student body, I will do my best to implement changes based of the needs of the students. I am willing to prove my dedication to this position by working together with both the students and ASFC, as well as commit my time towards this goal. I do hope that you would give me an opportunity to work with everyone.

  • Ming Qin Ooi (Elise)

    (5) Ming Qin Ooi (Elise)   Candidate's Statement: I'm Elise. My major is Computer Science. I'm running for Senator because I'm interested in planning a few projects to make student's life better. After spending 2 quarters in Foothill, I think that there is a few things that can be improve to make student's life better and I would like to make a change. In terms of past experience, I was an Organizations agent in Fall quarter and Organizations Program Manager now. My responsibility as a Program Manager is mainly about data collection.

  • Katherine Ng

    (6) Katherine Ng   Candidate's Statement: Hey there! My name is Katherine and I'm running for senator. I have been appointed as the Activities Master of Ceremony on ASFC for two consecutive quarters (Winter 15, Spring 15). And I'm also the marketing director of the Public Speaking and Leadership Club. Working under the Activities Board allows me to accumulate the experiences for planning events on campus. Now, I wish to take my involvement to the welfare of my peers. My goal is to improve the food quality in the cafeteria and continue to work on the current projects of the Senate Board. I hope my passion and energy can contribute to the legacy of student excellence at Foothill College.

  • (7) (Write-In Candidate) Thomas Oefverstroem   Candidate's Statement: To view this write-in candidate's info, see the "Write-In Candidate" election from the main vote page.


Special Ballot Measures


Does the AFSC Membership approve of the constitutional changes? Note: changes are highlighted in red.



The Elected Officers of the ASFC shall be a President, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Administration, Vice President of Activities, Vice President of Senate, Vice President of Organization, Vice President of Intramural Athletics, Vice President of Marketing and seven (7) Senators. All

Choices for this measure:

Yes: you approve
No: you do not approve


The six seven executive boards of the ASFC shall be chaired by the appropriate Vice President and shall be called the Finance Board of Directors, Administrative Board of Directors, the Activities Board of Directors, Organizations Board of Directors, Senate Board of Directors, Intramural Athletics Board of Directors, and Marketing Board of Directors

Choices for this measure:

Yes: you approve
No: you do not approve


SECTION 1. Change to By-Laws:

Clause 1. By-Laws must be enacted, rescinded or amended by a two-thirds (2/3) favorable majority vote of the Campus Council or by signed petition of five percent (5%) of the ASFC Active Members of that quarter in which the petition is filed, provided that such proposals are presented at two (2) meetings of said Council prior to the meeting in which they are to be acted upon and that said proposals have been adequately posted and printed in the ASFC newspaper.

Choices for this measure:

Yes: you approve
No: you do not approve


SECTION 1. Change to By-Laws:

Clause 2. Amendments to be submitted to the membership shall have first been adequately posted on campus and shall have been printed in at least two consecutive issues of the ASFC newspaper immediately prior to the scheduled election.

Choices for this measure:

Yes: you approve
No: you do not approve


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