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ASFC Election Candidate Biographies 2016-17

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Kushal Jain

Being apart of ASFC since day one, I have been working towards my vision. My vision is to work primarily towards student equity, extended library hours, transparency and promoting a community atmosphere in the college. I was the media and communication coordinator for 2 quarters to start working on my vision of transparency, this quarter I am the budget analyst on the finance board, and help provide funding to the Disability Resource Center, for computers. This quarter I'll be further work towards Equity for all students in this position. I can work towards creating a more community atmosphere and better transparency in as a president.

Mike Ji

My name is Mike Ji and I am running for ASFC President for 2016-2017.
Instead of promising unrealistic goals, I want to highlight two points:
1. Transparency
It is my strong conviction that students have the right to easily track where our tuition is going. Through detailing the school's money flow and adopting Budget forecast system, I will increase the transparency of school finance.
2. Student E-mail
Having an .edu email is an advantage of college life. Spotify, Amazon and more vendors require student email to receive student discounts. I will prioritize this agenda.

Ramiel Petros

Hello! I am Ramiel Petros and I am running for ASFC President. This is my first year at Foothill College, and 3rd quarter as an active member of the ASFC. I have served on the Activities, and Administration Board. This year I have focused on changes to the ASFC to make it more efficient, and accessible to all students. This includes application reform, structural changes, and Constitutional changes. I am a native Californian, and graduate of the local Los Alts High School last. During those four years I served as Class President (9th &10th), and Student Body President (11th & 12th). Vote Ramiel Petros for President!

VP of Finance:

John Fakukakis

My name is John Fakukakis and this is my first year at Foothill College. My major is Financial Mathematics and Statistics and I want to transfer at a UC after my second year in college. Math and numbers are my passion and finance is the application of them. I am interested in the position of the VP of Finance, because I am really passionate about getting this experience. I want to become a good at leading and finance. Leading the Finance board of Foothill will be an opportunity to excel in both. I was in the finance board last quarter as a Budget Analyst, so I have an idea on what I will have to work on.

VP of Administration:

Joel Indralingam

Hello everyone! My name is Joel Indralingam and I will be running for Vice President of Administration for ASFC. Currently, I serve as the Campus Centre Board Chair as well as President of the Malaysian-Singapore Club. Prior to this, I had administration roles in the Foothill College Medical Brigades, Foothill Futsal Club and the Foothill Culinary Club. I believe my past experiences in these positions will allow me to fulfill my responsibilities to the best of my abilities. I hope to make the ASFC a more efficient and effective body that will continue to serve and advocate for the students.

VP of Activities:

Micaella Fajardo

Hello, Folks! I'm Mimi and I'm a Biochemistry Major. I became an Activities Coordinator for Summer and Fall of 2015 and have been the College Hour Coordinator for Winter and Spring 2016. Because of this, I'm running as Vice-President of Activities. During these times, I had the chance to work with the current administration in planning activities for students. I was able to meet a lot of people who became my friends. If elected, I promise to improve the activities for next year so students have the opportunity to feel they are a part of a community.

VP of Senate:

Samah Shaiq

I was born and raised in Fremont, CA. and graduated from Irvington High School in 2015. I am a political science major and have been actively involved in my community since I was 12 years old. My passion is working with others to engage them in the community, specifically young adults. I have past experience working for several Congressmen, as well as former Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski. In addition, I have worked on several political campaigns throughout the past few years, gaining skills in organization and leadership. I was also the Outreach Director for the Organizations Board of Directors in winter and Civic Engagement Liaison for the Senate Board in spring 2016, gaining experience working in ASFC.

Atif Velagic

I am very familiar with the lifestyle consisting of long hours, dedication, and hard work, as being in student government is not an easy task. There are many reasons as to why I would like to be the VP of Senate, but the main reason being is to make Foothill College a fun experience and place to be for our students, and not “just school”; a place where students would actually want to invest their time outside of their classes. With my prior knowledge in student government, I truly believe that I can make a difference.

VP of Organizations:

Begimay Samykbaeva

Hello everyone! I am Begimay, and I am running for Vice President of Organizations. I want to improve the student body experience at Foothill by working alongside the many clubs and organizations. I have served in the student government (ASFC) for almost one year, which gave me enough knowledge and experience in chairing meetings, collaborating with clubs, and organizing events. I want to make the student government more well known, and help connect student body and ASFC to do as much for the students as we possibly can.

VP of Marketing:

Jonathan Filbert Kianto

Hello! My name is Jonathan. I'm running for the position of Vice President of Marketing. If elected, I hope to promote coordination, cooperation, and communication between ASFC and the students of Foothill College. During my time here in both Foothill College and ASFC as Activities Marketing Director, I have learnt what it means to work with others and serve a cause greater than myself. With that being said, I believe that I am a suitable candidate for this position.

Shruti Venkatesh

I am Shruti Venkatesh and I am running for the VP of marketing position. As a VP of Marketing it would be my duty to make sure all students are aware of the events at Foothill College via promotions and increase student participation in events. I have been on the student council board in high school for two years and take pride in representing the students. I am also the current media and communications coordinator at the ASFC. My main aim would be to get more students involved. I have been in Foothill for a year now and found a home. I want leave a mark and make sure I contribute to its growth. Vote for me and help me built a better community at this community college.


Sonia Beckstrom

Hello! My name is Sonia Beckstrom and I'm running for senate. My goal as a senator is to listen and understand the needs of Foothill students so that I can fully represent the student body at Campus Council. I'm actively involved in many clubs and continually work with students on campus. I have strong listening and communication skills from past work experience in retail and as a camp counselor. I'm excited to have been appointed senator this quarter and hope to continue next year. Please support me because I am passionate about listening to student voices to improve Foothill College.

Arya Tarani

My name is Arya Tarani. My major is Kinesiology. I'm running for Senator. I play tennis on men's tennis team. I decided to create highlight videos for the tennis team and other sport teams in college to give the result in better scores, also the newspapers to come with photos to be included. So, I joined CAP since late 2014, I help the events and giving the tour around the campus for the events. We also hold workshops every Monday. We hold student lingo workshop and every Wednesday we hold general student service workshop.

Irving Moreno

My name is Irving Moreno, although I am a returning college student dropout due to overall life circumstances, I qualify for the Senator position of the Associated Students of Foothill College Council for the fact that my background as a community member of the bay area and work experience, pertains to policy and regulations. I have specialized in enforcing policy and regulations for six years and currently hold a part time position for MintSecurity.US with an active guard card from the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. With my relevant work experience of enforcing policies and experience as an Owl-Student of Foothill College, I intend to relay any productive information that can allow for an overall better educational experience for the Foothill College student body. Go Owls!!

Minxuan Dong

I'm easygoing, diligent, and always interested in what people have to say. This is ideal for a position that requires cooperation and hard work. If elected, I would like to offer my time and resources in order to help the ASFC council make Foothill a better place for everyone.

Basil Farooq

I have been heavily involved in CAP for the last year. I have also been a Finance Agent and a representative in Shared Governance for ASFC. These experiences have helped me develop many skills that aid me in connecting with and understanding all kinds of students. My main goal is to help bring transparency and student accountability to ASFC. I want us, the students, to be able to see and have a real say in what happens to our money. I will accomplish this by being a whistleblower for the students inside Student Government.

Summy Lama

Hi Everyone! I am Summy and I am running for the position of Senator. I would like to make a positive impact on the Foothill Community and expand the resources available for students on campus. Last year, I organized Giving Hands for Nepal on campus to raise money for students in the country after the 2015 earthquake. I have also been an active participant in martial arts competitions as a member of the Nepal national team and I also won a beauty pageant in 2010. If you would like to have a well-rounded and pragmatic senator, please vote for me!

Katrina Tuason

I am now finishing up my first year at Foothill College this quarter. I am loving what our college has to offer and all its diversity! In my first year as a student I began working at ASFC and have been involved in the planning committee and execution of our Heritage months. I am also the student representative for the Operations Planning Committee and I report directly to the student government. I enjoy meeting new people and helping others. Most of my time is spent on campus, what better way to spend it then to be able to serve the student body by representing them as a senator. I am approachable and a responsible member of our campus community. If voted as a senator for the 2016-2017 school year I look forward to being able to contribute my time, energy and resources in making Foothill a great place to be! I thank you for the opportunity.

Student Trustee:

Courtney Cooper

Hello! My name is Courtney L. Cooper and this year I have served as the VP of Senate, the chair of Black History Month and Women's History Month, as well as a Senator for the Student Senate for California Community Colleges. Through these leadership positions, I have been privileged to represent student voices and learned how to most effectively advocate for student needs from an individual to a statewide level. My passion and life goals are tied to supporting the voices of those with less power at a level, which will positively effect change. If elected, this will be my mission

Choi Leong

After being heavily involved in the student government for the last two years and my role as a Foothill delegate of SSCCC, which represents the 113 Community Colleges, I'm confident that I'm qualified to serve students at another level by running for the student trustee. If I get elected, I will ensure that student voices are being heard by having open door policy, and the board of trustees takes equity into account to their decisions. My vision is to have more transparency by having more inputs from students with different ethnic background and by having full student participation in shared governances.

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