Candidate Profiles

ASFC President Candidates

Diana Lopez
Diana Lopez My objective is to be an advocate of all those who want to be heard. I am the currently Co-Chair for the Latino Heritage Month Committee. I am very proud of my heritage, my Spanish language fluency, my emphasis on diversity, and activism for ecological conservation. I consider myself a member of a multicultural student body - trying to do my part in being the change I wish to see. I truly believe that the future is not something we step in to; it is something that has to be worked toward diligently and with pure intent.
Josh Rosales
Josh Rosales My name is Josh Rosales and I'm the current 2013-2014 Vice President of Activities. I have been a part of ASFC for over two years. During my time I have continued to gain experience and knowledge of ASFC, Foothill College, and what it takes to be President by working with our budget, taking part in shared governances, chairing my own weekly board meetings, and working side by side with every position in ASFC and students. I feel confident that I can train and guide any member in ASFC from our Agents to our Vice Presidents and lead a successful organization.

VP of Activities Candidates

Vincent Immanuel
Vincent Immanuel My name is Vincent Immanuel and everyone call me Vincent. I am 18 years old and I come from Indonesia. I am running for the Vice President of Activities because I wanted to make improvements and add new events for the Foothill Community. I have experience in ASFC Activities Board for three quarters. My first quarter being an Activities Agent and the other two being an Activities Coordinator. I was also an Activities Coordinator in the student council back in my school in Indonesia.
Marwa Nawabi
Marwa Nawabi I have spent the past four quarters working as an Activities Coordinator and I feel it is now time to take my experience to the next level. As Vice President of Activities I plan on bringing events to unite the different organizations on campus while making my peers feel at home. My goal is to increase student involvement on campus with exciting and engaging events and to inject as much energy as I can into the campus life. I hope to utilize my passion for event planning and creativity to make each event at Foothill a rewarding experience. Vote Marwa!.

VP of Administration Candidates

Leilei Cai
Leilei Cai I want to care about all the international students in Foothill college because I am an international student and I know the pain and happiness of the international students. I studied clinical medicine for many years, and practiced as a doctor for three years. Since childhood, I have always wanted to pursue a career that involves in innovation and creativity while benefiting people. I worked as a budget at large in the Finance department. Being interested in ASFC, I want to get involved more here. We can make a difference! Thank you. Leilei Cai.
Andy Choi
Andy Choi I have been working for the ASFC administration board as the Campus Center Board Chair for 3 consecutive quarters, including Fall 2013, Winter 2014 and Spring 2014. During my time in ASFC, I have chaired meetings for the campus center board and conducted surveys about the campus center. Moreover, I am actively involved in other ASFC events, like March in March and end of quarter events. Apart from working in the student government, leading the accounting club as vice president has enhanced me confidence and communication skills. My experience, leadership and enthusiasm make me qualified for this position.
Edward Joesoef
Edward Joesoef My name is Edward Joesoef and my major is business entrepreneurship. I've been doing internships, workshops and seminars in my father's company in Indonesia. Specifically, in the areas of management, administration, decision-making and finance prior to enter Foothill College. With my skills, I hope that I would be able to make a significant contribution to the Administration board and my goal is to implement a better synergy and system in the board itself. With my combined skills and dedication, I hope the school will perceive me as a strong candidate for the Vice President of Administration Board.
Breeze Liu
Breeze Liu My name is Breeze Liu. I'm running for vp of admin. I've served ASFC as a voting member "master of ceremony" since my first quarter in foothill. I've been working closely to many board in ASFC as the mc. I learned a lot from my position. I'm also the funder and president of public speaking and leadership club. I'm planning to have a public speaking contest on campus next fall. Working in ASFC made me understand that student body is here to serve the students. We are here to listen to students' advice and do our best to benefit them.

VP of Finance Candidates

Nadia Rusli
Nadia Rusli My name is Nadia Rusli and this is my first year at Foothill College. For the past three quarters of my involvement in the ASFC, I have always been under Finance Board as one of the Budget Analysts. My passion and interest to serve the student body motivate me to run as the VP of Finance in 2014-2015.

If I'm elected as the VP of Finance, my goal is to increase awareness and encourage participation of the student body, as well as to be transparent, regarding the money being allocated throughout the fiscal year, because that's your money after all!

VP of Marketing

Alex Krechevsky
Alex Krechevsky My past experience that qualifies me for the VP of marketing position are my role as a senator in ASFC. I am also a marketing major and have had a very large amount of high level marketing interactions while sitting in on my moms conference calls, that specifically go over marketing strategy for Google with the team that she manages.
Ariel Pan
Ariel Pan Hey there, my name is Ariel! Originally I am from Boston, and moved to the Bay Area two years ago. Earlier this year, by chance, I found out that ASFC had a marketing board and immediately I had to join. Throughout my time in ASFC, I have delved deeper into learning about leadership, communication, and marketing skills. The marketing board is one that I love dearly, and want to devote my next year making it reach its greater potential. I want to help the students of Foothill College stay connected to all the activities and benefits that ASFC provides.
Rezeki Utomo
Rezeki Utomo My name is Rezeki Utomo. I have been an activities coordinator in ASFC for 2 quarters, a marketing director, and running as the VP of marketing for the next academic year. If I were to be elected, my main goal would be to further enhance the marketing of Foothill College through online means. Since I am majoring in Computer Science, I hope to create promotional videos, websites, or even apps. I believe that my past experience in ASFC makes me a good candidate because I am familiar with how things are run. I hope to gain your support, thank you.

VP of Intramurals Candidates

Pierre Okoko
Pierre Okoko Pierre Okoko will be 21 years old the first of September, he is majoring in economics and is from Congo Brazzaville. Besides, he joined Student Government as O.B.D (clubs organization) Finance Director and occupied this position for two quarters before being appointed as Civic Engagement Liaison on the president's board. In addition to that, Pierre is the President of Shades of Africa, Vice President of the Entrepreneur Club and ASFC Athletics News Committee Chair. More importantly, he believes that his experience as a leader in different fields provides him enough abilities to lead Intramural to its highest potential.

VP of Organizations/Clubs Candidates

Dexter Lim
Dexter Lim Hey OWLS! I'm Dexter Lim and I'm running for Vice President of Organization (OBD). Previously an Activities Coordinator for Fall 2013 and the OBD Programs Manager for Winter and Spring of 2014, being part of ASFC is my passion and pride! I want to assist YOU with getting involved on campus and improve YOUR college experience and transfers. I will be the voice that raises issues concerning the students to the administration, and be the bridge between parties. Rest assured that your issues will not be overlooked. Vote for Me. Vote for Foothill. Vote for YOUR amazing college experience!
Michelle Wirawan
Michelle Wirawan Organized, responsible, and an eager learner are the words that describe me, Michelle Wirawan. Having been a part of several organizations had brought me unique perspectives and experiences. I know how it feels to lead and be lead by someone else. I want to bring this experience and quality of mine to the OBD Board. In addition to that, I hope that by getting the VP of OBD position, I can improve the board's communication, organization, and of course bring more fun to it.

VP of Senate Candidates

Behrouz Amirbadvy
Behrouz Amirbadvy The connection between the students and ASFC needs strengthening, and time for action begins now. I have a wealth of ideas for the near future including: A sustainability push for the overhaul of the restrooms; as well as a push for an increase in the number of books available on the Textbook Rental Program (including reductions in pricing). Furthermore, by being born and raised in the UK to Iranian parents, I understand the cultural diversity present at Foothill, so I hope to reach out to students of all backgrounds and showcase the opportunities available to them to exhibit their skills.
Lara-Shalaine Bergmann
Lara-Shalaine Bergmann Lara-Shalaine Bergmann (26), international student from Germany. I started my event management company in 2008, which gave me the opportunity to develop management, organization and leadership skills. Fall 2013 was my first quarter at Foothill and I got introduced to the Associated Students of Foothill College (ASFC). I started as an activities agent and got elected as a senator during my second quarter. My job experience as well as working with people from all over the world taught me how to be open minded and understanding. If you share the desire for "unity in diversity" Don't be lame - VOTE FOR LARA-SHALAINE.
Newton He
Newton He My name is Newton He and this is my third year as a Social Science Major at Foothill College. In 2006, I moved to the Bay Area and went to Capuchino High School in San Bruno, California. After my senior year, I went back to China and did an intern job. After I came to the states in 2010, I joined a Student Union organization called Skyline Against the Cuts. I hope that I can achieve and bring more voices heard for the entire student body. So Vote for me Newton He as VP of Senate.

Senator Candidates

Cindy Fransisca
Cindy Fransisca I'm Cindy Fransisca and I'm running for Senator. I've been a part of my high school's student council for 4 years; I was the OBD secretary last quarter and am currently the OBD administrative director. I'm running for senator because I've always been interested in the projects that the senate board are having and I would like to be a part of it. I want to fight for the students' best interest, and I will try my best to do so. One of my main focuses would be trying to figure out a way to lower the cost of books.
Stephanie Hidayat
Stephanie Hidayat My name is Stephanie Hidayat, I'm majoring in Business and I'm running for Senator. I have participated in being a student council in my former high school and I have handled a lot of school activities. I applied for this position because I have always wanted to be the bridge between students and ASFC to help them contribute ideas and help them with obstacles. If I'm elected, I would like to work on projects which involves financing the budget for International Students. In other words, I hope I can be more helpful in the ASFC boards.
Jessica Howard
Jessica Howard Hi! I'm Jessica Valencia Howard. I've been serving ASFC since winter'14 as an OBD agent and now as an OBD Finance Director. In OBD, I enjoy working with students and helping their club activities. This compels me to give greater contributions to Foothill as a student and volunteers by being a senator. If I were elected, I would help students express their concerns to the faculties and council, and stand for their voices as a whole. Bridging the students with ASFC would be my ultimate goal and it would be a pleasure to be given the opportunity to fulfill it.
Nick Hughes
Nick Hughes I'm Nick Hughes, and I'm running for Senator. I've been in student government for 3 years as marketing commissioner, club president, and many other positions. I enjoy assisting others whenever possible, and I make time for those in need. I would like to be able to make sure your voice, and those of your fellow students are heard on campus, and at the State level. I feel I would make a great Senator because I have a vast knowledge of campus operations, have strong leadership skills, and I understand how students feel about campus life. Please vote for me!
Shahin Larhinimi
Shahin Larhinimi This is Shahin Larhnimi, she has been focusing on completing her major which is Communication studies. Communication is closely associated with helping others, to represent those who would not do it themselves. Helping others gives her immense satisfaction and great pleasure, she enjoys sharing her knowledge and she encourages developments of others so they can achieve their specific goals. She choses to work hard and to pursue her goals which sustains her with a positive attitude. With your help, as a caring senator, Shahin is dedicated to help you!
Clare Tang
Clare Tang My name is Clare Tang and I'm running for the senator position. This is my third quarter at Foothill College and my second quarter apart of the Associated Students of Foothill College family. After two quarters working underneath activities board, I want to broaden my involvement on campus.

As for more personal information, my two homes are Sydney and Shanghai. My food perversions are any form of pastries -- mostly tarts and pies. Hopefully my food obsession will help my envision my goals as a senator, which include having our cafeteria's cuisine be even more globally representative.
Deanna Woodman
Deanna Woodman Attending Foothill since Fall 2012, I have been a member of the Microcredit Club since Winter 2012, and was elected as the Microcredit Club's Vice President for the 2013-2014 academic year. Being a part of ASFC for two quarters now, I started off as an Activities Board Agent in Winter 2013, and was then recently appointed Activities Coordinator for Spring 2014. I have also served as an assistant to the Student Activities Specialist since Winter 2013. These experiences have allowed me to grow as a leader, and I hope to continue to grow and to serve the students at Foothill.

Student Trustee Candidates

Evelynn Chun
Evelynn Chun Hello everyone, my name is Evelynn Chun and I am running for the 2014-2015 Student Trustee position. As an ASFC Senator this past year, I have been able to experience different levels of student advocacy and want to be able to voice Foothill students' concerns and opinions to invoke change on our campus. One goal I have as Student Trustee would be to create more transparency between students and the Board of Trustees, bringing awareness to students about what is happening around campus from administrators' perspective. "Chun gets it done" so vote "E.C. for Student Trustee."

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