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The primary purpose of this Job Posting Board is to facilitate internship, part-time and full-time job placement for Foothill College students and program graduates. 

The Foothill College Online Job Board – Foothill College has a new Online Job Board for current and former Foothill students.  The system is free to use, and you will be redirected to a partner site,, Inc.

You will need to create an account in order to view the job listings.  Once you have completed your profile information and education, you select occupational areas (i.e., Business & Finance or Computer & Math) and three geographic locations.  Then, the system will search and bring matches.  Jobs posted by the Foothill Career Services and jobs posted by employers for Foothill College students will be available under “My School Matches.”   You can upload a resume and cover letter to apply to jobs and internships through the system.  Let brings jobs to YOU!

Smart Hires technical support is available 24/7 by e-mailing or calling toll free (877) 689-6233.

Please see answers to the Foothill Job Board "Online application process frequently asked questions " by clicking on Smart Hires Frequently Asked Questions

Services for Employers

Foothill College Career Services provides the Job Board as a service to the community for recruiting students only. We wish to provide a space where progressive administrators and managers nationwide can advertise available positions to our community of well-educated and highly trained students. Please read our Recruitment Policy to determine if your company is eligible to recruit on the Foothill College Campus and on the Foothill College Online Job Board.

Instructions for Posting a Job or Internship Online
The Online Job Board – Reach a wider audience by posting your job or internship on the new Online Job Board.  The system is free to use, and you will be redirected to a partner site, Smarthires.

You will need to create an account in order to post your job or internship listing.  Then you can modify and delete postings at your convenience. technical support is available 24/7 at or call (877) 689-6233 (8 a.m. - 6 p.m. PST).

For additional support, contact Phuong Tran

Foothill College Employer Recruiting Criteria

To be eligible to recruit students for employment on campus or on the Foothill College Career Services's Web site, employers must:

  1. Be a corporation, a limited liability partnership (L.L.P), a not-for-profit 501C3 organization, a government agency, or an educational institution.
  2. Offer jobs that pay a base salary equal to or greater than a minimum wage in compliance with city/county/state/federal labor laws and ordinances. This base salary must take the form of a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly wage, comprised of a set hourly, weekly, or monthly rate.
  3. Not recruit for jobs that offer commission-only compensation.
  4. Not require prospective employees to purchase products or services contingent upon their employment with that company.
  5. Not be involved in a "pyramid" or multi-level type networking structure requiring or encouraging the recruitment of others who recruit others, etc. to sell products or services.
  6. Provide adequate protection to the employee through Worker's Compensation and/or liability insurance as required by law and in compliance with OSHA regulations.

Foothill College Career Services reserves the right to change, modify, or add criteria to the above standards as needed.

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