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engineering department logoEngineers apply the theories and principles of science and mathematics to practical technical problems. At Foothill College, the Engineering Major provides a solid foundation in what is normally referred to as the "Engineering Core" at most colleges and universities. Mathematics, physics, chemistry and introductory engineering courses such as circuit analysis and statics make up the bulk of this core. The major is designed so that, in most cases, it provides all of the basic subjects necessary for a smooth transfer to the candidate's chosen college or university.

Career Opportunities

Engineering and, in particular, electrical and computer engineering, continues to be an excellent choice for a career. It is, in fact, the second largest profession, being exceeded only by teaching. Salaries at the entry level begin at about $30,000 and can go as high as $40,000 for particular specializations.


ENGR40 is an overview of modern energy systems and future clean energy technology, and the first course in our emerging energy program. Be the energy leader on your block, explore energy careers, and help usher in an era of clean energy technology.
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Training for Jobs in Commercial Energy Efficiency
and Building Performance

Coming mid-Fall 2011, a new course at Foothill College, designed to meet the demand of the job market, will be offered in Energy Efficiency for Building Systems Investment. If you have a degree in Engineering, the Physical Sciences, Architecture, or experience with HVAC systems or Project Management for Commercial Buildings – and you are unemployed – this training is for you! The training is free.
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Introducing NANO 50 and NANO 53. NANO 50 is the first course in our nanomaterials engineering sequence, where you'll be indtroduced to "the big ideas of the very small." NANO 53 is your opportunity to explore the tools-of-the-trade in nanomaterial characterization.
Learn more NANO 50 AND NANO 53 ( 2014 CTE Licensure, Pass, & Placement Rates (PDF) )

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