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Purging and Archiving of Old Etudes Course Sites Etudes logo


On July 1, 2014, Etudes, Inc. will conduct routine archiving and purging of old Etudes course sites.

What happens on July 1?

  • Keep all of 2013 and 2014 course sites "live" on, including student records.
  • Archive all 2012 course sites. [2011 was archived last year and will remain in archives for another year]. Archived course sites do NOT include student records
  • Purge 2010 course sites from archives.
    • 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 sites will no longer be available in any form.

How can I preserve the content of a 2010 course site that's scheduled to be purged?

If you want to preserve an old site that is scheduled to be purged in July 2014, please request a Development Site then import the content from your old site to that Development Site. To request development sites, go to:

How can I backup student records from my 2012 sites before they get archived?

If you would like to retain student grades, course activity, or assignment submissions from old term sites, you can download them from the Gradebook, Activity Meter, and AT&S.

At the end of every quarter that you teach using an Etudes course site -

  1. Download the detailed gradesheet (not just the final grades) from your old course site. In Gradebook, click on Roster, then click on Export button at bottom of your screen.

    download Gradebook in Etudes

  2. Download a spreadsheet in Activity Meter in your old course. This will provide a detailed a summary of all the students' activities.

    export Actvity Meter in Etudes

Etudes Course Sites Unpublished by Default NEW! 

Please note that all live course sites have been set up as UNPUBLISHED. This means that students will NOT be able to login to these live Etudes course sites until you Publish your site.

To Publish your site, click on Site Info, then click on Manage Access.

Faculty Refresher on Use of Course Map and Activity Meter

For a refresher on Etudes Course Map and Activity Meter, watch our video.

Welcome Message for your Students

You are encouraged to send a Welcome message to your enrolled students BEFORE each quarter starts. Feel free to customize our Welcome Message template.

Student Orientation to Etudes

We hold Etudes Orientation sessions for students on the Tuesday and Wednesday of the first week of every quarter. Please see details at On Campus Session.
  • Info about the Etudes Orientation sessions is made available to students via the FGA homepage in the Announcements area on the right side of the screen.
  • An online video version of the Etudes Orientation is available as well