Web 2.0 and Social Networking Tools for Teaching

Use of Alternatives to Etudes

Faculty can use whatever delivery method they choose for online instruction, however, student verification obligations and other responsibilities exist for use of alternatives to Etudes.  Instructors should be aware of the added responsibilities and workload associated with using alternatives to Etudes.

The faculty responsibilities associated with using an instructional delivery method other than Etudes include:

  • Instructors must take responsibility for enrollment management and online course login/access.
    • Secure and password-protected access to the course MUST be used to ensure student authentication under federal requirements of the Higher Education Opportunity Act.
  • Instructors must take responsibility for ensuring the privacy of student information, meeting accessibility requirements, and complying with fair use and copyright guidelines.
  • Instructors must provide their own tech support.
  • Instructor must provide their own login assistance to students.
  • Due to lack of standardization, students who take several online courses delivered using a variety of methods will be confused by the differences in navigation, layout, procedures, and course access.

FGA is not able to provide -

  • Orientation sessions, tech support, or login assistance for students.
  • Instructional design assistance for course development. 
  • Training in use of alternatives to Etudes for online course delivery.

Also, see 7 Things You Should Know about Alternatives to LMS

Reminder: As always when using social networking sites, be mindful to avoid publishing, posting, or releasing any information about students or colleagues that is considered confidential. Please do not post photos and coursework of students without their permission.

To create and maintain a web presence external to Etudes, see the following free tools and services.

Foothill College Webpage

Most faculty and staff have a webpage that is available from the Campus Directory. To edit your Campus Directory webpage, use the Personal Webpage Generator.

Foothill Global Access Media Account (Server Storage Space)

To request new or additional space on the FGA Media server for your own webpages, please complete the online request form or contact Judy Baker.

Course Studio via MyPortal

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Social Networking and Discussion

Live Conferencing


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Personal Learning Enviroments (Personal Learning Networks)

File Storage and Sharing

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Online Survey Tools

Online Course Delivery and Homework Tools

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