Late Add Request Instructions

Late registration takes place during the first two weeks of the quarter (only ONE week in the summer). Starting on the FIRST day of the term (not any earlier), you will be able to request permission to add online classes late from this page.

These instructions describe how to get a Late Add Code emailed to you automatically if the course instructor approves your requests on our website.

Starting on the first day of classes, follow the steps listed below to request permission to add late:

1. Go to our online course listing: 

2. Scroll down to the row that lists the course you are interested in. 

3. Look at the column all the way to the RIGHT

If the instructor accepts late adds, there will be a "request to add" link. Otherwise, the class will be marked "Not Available."

4. Click on "request to add" and complete the form. Be sure you enter a valid email address!

5. If the instructor approves your request to add, you will receive an email automatically containing an authorization code and instructions on how to enroll officially via the web. There may be a delay between your request and the approval email.

6. If the instructor does NOT approve your request to add, you will not receive an add code.

Note: You will not be able to log into your course until the morning after you register officially.

Important Notes 

Once you have registered, your fees are due. You will have 5 days to remit payment if registration is conducted online or by the automated telephone system. You must pay at time of registration if you register in person in the Admissions & Records Office.

If you are on a wait-list for online classes, you do not need to request to add again. If the instructor will accept late adds, wait-listed students are considered first. You should receive a confirmation email (acceptance or denial) by the end of the first week of classes.