Process for Student Evaluation of Online Courses

Since the fall 2011 quarter, Foothill Global Access has assisted with administration of student evaluation surveys for fully online courses. A pilot of the online survey process was conducted from fall 2011 through spring 2012.

Starting with the fall 2012 quarter, faculty can use the Student Evaluation survey results for their performance evaluations.

This online Student Evaluation survey uses the questions in the Faculty Association Agreement Appendix J2W and is administered in accordance with FA Agreement:

To participate, please complete the Request Form for a Student Evaluation of an Online Course survey to be administered for your fully online course that uses Etudes.

We ask faculty to submit the Request at least three weeks before you want the Student Evaluation survey to be administered in order for us to have time to set up your Student Evaluation survey.


As a result of your Request -

  • The online Student Evaluation survey will be posted in the Assignments, Tests and Surveys area of your Etudes course site but course instructors will NOT have direct access to the results. This is necessary so that students can be assured of confidentiality. 
  • An email message will be sent to each of the students enrolled in your course via email just before the day that the evaluation survey opens.
    • This message will invite the student to participate in the Student Evaluation survey.
    • And, this message will provide students with instructions for how to participate in the online Student Evaluation survey during the one week period that you have indicated on your Request Form. 


The Request form asks faculty to identify a Designee. Per Faculty Association Agreement, the Designee:

  • Is the faculty member or other employee who the instructor designates to handle the results. 
  • Cannot be the instructor assigned to the course being evaluated. 
  • Cannot be the person who also performs the official administrative evaluation of that employee.
  • Must be a member of the Tenure Review Committee if the instructor is a probationary full-time faculty member (see Faculty Agreement Article 6A.12.3.1).

Survey Results

  • The Designee will receive the results of the survey on the day it closes along with instructions about how and when to disseminate the results in accordance with the Faculty Association Agreement.
    • Tenured and Part-time Faculty
      • The Tally Sheet for Part A of the Student Evaluation Form shall be attached to results and signed by the Designee, and then given to the Division Dean or appropriate administrator, who, after reviewing the responses, shall forward a copy to the faculty employee and send the original to the personnel file.
      • The original results including the Part B responses shall be retained by the Designee and returned to the faculty employee after the end of the quarter.
    • Probationary Full-time Faculty
      • The Tally Sheet for Part A of the Student Evaluation Form shall be attached to results and signed by the Designee, and then given to the chair of the committee who shall meet with the committee and the candidate to review the results.
      • 6A.12.3.2 "Part B" of the Student Evaluation Form results shall be given to the chair of the committee. The Part B responses shall be reviewed by the members of the Tenure Review Committee and by the candidate after submission of final grades for the quarter.
      • 6A.12.3.3 After the committee and candidate review the Part A and Part B responses, the original results shall be given to the candidate.