Great Opportunities for High School Students

Recommended Summer Courses

This is an example of classes available to high school students, juniors or seniors during the summer session. The class schedule for the 2012 summer session will be available during spring quarter. To view the current schedule of classes, check out our searchable schedule searchable schedule.

Course Course Title

Biological & Health Sciences Courses
AHS-200-01W   Orientation to Health Care Careers  

BIOL-010-01   General Biology, Basic Principles  
BIOL-010-02   General Biology, Basic Principles  
BIOL-010-52   Laboratory  
BIOL-013-01   Marine Biology  

HLTH-005-01   Emergency Response  
HLTH-021-01   Health Education  
HLTH-021-02   Health Education  

PHT-200L-51   Pharmacy Technician as a Career  

Computer Courses
CIS-15A-01   Computer Science 1: C++  
CIS-27-01   Computer Science 1: Java  
CIS-50A-01   Introduction to the PC  

Counseling Courses
CNSL 5 is an introductory course requiredof all incoming freshmen.
CNSL-5-01   Introduction to College  
CNSL-5-02   Introduction to College  
CNSL-5-03   Introduction to College  
*CNSL-5-04   Introduction to College  
CNSL-5-06   Introduction to College  
CNSL-5-08   Introduction to College  
CNSL-5-11   Introduction to College  
CNSL-5-12   Introduction to College  
CNSL-5-13   Introduction to College  
CNSL-5-14   Introduction to College  
CNSL-5-15   Introduction to College  
CNSL-5-17   Introduction to College  
CNSL-5-18   Introduction to College  
CNSL-5-19   Introduction to College  
CNSL-5-20   Introduction to College  
CNSL-5-21   Introduction to College  
CNSL-5-22   Introduction to College  
CNSL-5-23   Introduction to College  
CNSL-5-24   Introduction to College  
CNSL-5-25   Introduction to College  
CNSL-5-26   Introduction to College  
CNSL-5-27   Introduction to College  
CNSL-5-28   Introduction to College  
CNSL-5-29   Introduction to College  
*EOPS students

Fine Arts Courses
COMM-001A-01   Public Speaking  
COMM-001A-02   Public Speaking  
COMM-004-01   Group Discussion  
COMM-004-02   Group Discussion  

PHOT-001-01QBeginning Photography
PHOT-001-03Beginning Photography

Foreign Language Courses
SPAN-001-01   Elementary Spanish  
SPAN-001-02   Elementary Spanish  
SPAN-001-03   Elementary Spanish  
SPAN-002-01   Elementary Spanish  
SPAN-002-02   Elementary Spanish  
SPAN-002-03   Elementary Spanish  
SPAN-003-01   Elementary Spanish  

Physical Sciences,Math & Engineering Courses
CHEM 1A is the First in the series of college-level chemistry. Transferable credit.
CHEM-01A-01   General Chemistry  
CHEM 25 is Foundation for CHEM 1A. Meets GE requirements for a physical science.
CHEM-025-01   Fundamentals of Chemistry  

GEOL 10 Earthquakes, volcanoes, and the world around us. Transferable credit.
GEOL-010-01   Introductory Geoscience  

MATH 200 Algebraic concepts, including solving first-degree equations and evaluating and simplifying expressions.
MATH-200-01   Prealgebra  
MATH 101 Fundamental algebraic operations, real numbers, first-degree equations, first-degree inequalities, graphs, linear systems, operations on polynomials and factoring.
MATH-101-01   Elementary Algebra  
MATH-101-02   Elementary Algebra  
MATH 105 Linear, quadratic polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions with an emphasis on graphing.
MATH-105-01   Intermediate Algebra  
MATH-105-02   Intermediate Algebra  
MATH-105-03   Intermediate Algebra  
MATH 51 The theory of trigonometric functions and the applications of trigonometry.
MATH-51-01A   Trigonometry  
MATH-51-02   Trigonometry  
MATH-49-01   Precalculus  
MATH-49-02   Precalculus  
MATH 1A Introduction to differential calculus, including limits, derivatives and their applications. Transferable credit.
MATH-1A-01   Calculus  
MATH-1A-02   Calculus  

OCEN-10-01   General Oceanography  

PHYS 4A Calculus; mathematics-physics interrelationships, classical Newtonian mechanics. Transferable credit.
PHYS-4A-01   General Physics  
PHYS-4A-02   General Physics  

Adaptive Learning: Learning Disability
ALLD-401Z-01   Student Success Strategies  
ALLD-401Z-02   Student Success Strategies  

Physical Education & Sports


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