659 Location found.
Ace Middle School (ACEMS) Off Campus    1665 Santee Dr San Jose, CA 95122
Ace Middle School San Jose (ACEMSSJ) Off Campus    110 E Hedding St. San Jose, CA 95112
Adapted Computer Center (E2)4205
Adaptive Physical Education - Fitness Center2509
ADL Lab (P23)5402
Administration Building1900
Administration Building Office1945
Admissions & Records8101(650) 949-7325
Alameda Apprenticeship Site (ALAMEDA) Off Campus    3033 Alvarado Street San Leandro, California 94577
Alta Vista High School (AVHS) Off Campus    1325 Bryant Ave Mountain View, CA 94040
Altos Meeting Room2001
Analysis Lab4813
Anne Darling Elementary School (ANNE) Off Campus    1550 Marburg Wy. San Jose, Ca. 95133
Anthropology Lab (B25)3103
Appreciation Hall1501
Apprenticeship Program1947
Art Studio1601
Art Studio1602
Articulation Office5401
ASFC Council Chambers2000
ASFC Paint Room Graphics2017
ASFC Smart Shop2009
ASFC Smart Shop/OwlCard2016(650) 949-7551
Atria Senior Living (ASL) Off Campus    175 E Remington Dr. Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Auxiliary Gym (G2)2501
Avenidas (AVEN) Off Campus    450 Bryant Street Palo Alto, CA 94301
Bay Area Music Foundation (BMF) Off Campus    10335 Finch Avenue Cupertino, CA
Bing School (BING) Off Campus    850 Escondido Road Stanford, CA
Biological & Health Sciences Division5211(650) 949-7249
Biology Lab (A & P)8710
Biology Lab (Biotech)8707
Biology Lab (General)8709
Biology Lab (Marine Majors)8711
Biology Lab (Microbiology)8708
Biology Labs
Biology Science Labs8700
Bishop Elementary School (BISHOP) Off Campus    450 N Sunnyvale Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94085
Blach Middle School (BLACH) Off Campus    1120 Covington Rd Los Altos, CA 94024
Blackberry Farm (BLKBF) Off Campus    22100 Stevens Creek Boulevard Cupertino, CA
Bookstore2301(650) 949-7305
Bracher Elementary School (BRACHER) Off Campus    2700 Chromite Dr. Santa Clara, Ca. 95051
Brentwood Elem School (BRENTWOOD) Off Campus    2086 Clark Ave Palo Alto, CA 94303
Bridge Point (BRIG) Off Campus    1174 Los Altos Avenue Los Altos, CA
BridgePoint at Los Altos (BP) Off Campus    1174 Los Altos Ave Los Altos, CA 94022
Building 1100
Building 1400
Building 1600
Building 1800
Building 4300
Building 5300
Building 5400
Building 5500
Building 5600
Building 5700
Building 6100
Building 6400
Bullis Charter School (BULLIS) Off Campus    102 W Portola Ave Los Altos, CA 94022
Busbarn Stage Company (BBSC) Off Campus    97 Hillview Ave Los Altos Hills, CA 94022
Business & Social Sciences Division3007(650) 949-7322
CAD Lab8607
California Theatre Center (CTC) Off Campus    753 E El Camino Real Sunnyvale, CA 94087
California Youth Symphony (CYS) Off Campus    441 California Ave # 5 Palo Alto, CA 94306
Camino Bowl (CMBL) Off Campus    2025 W. El Camino Real Mountain View, CA
Campbell Middle School (CAMPMS) Off Campus    295 Cherry Ln Campbell, CA 95008
Campus Center2000
Cantabile Choral Guild (CCG) Off Campus    1177 West McKinley Avenue Sunnyvale, CA
Career Center8329
Casa Olga (CO) Off Campus    182 Hamilton Ave Palo Alto, CA
Castro School (CASTRO) Off Campus    505 Escuela Ave Mountain View, CA 94040
Catholic Charities (CATHCH) Off Campus    2625 Zanker Road #200 San Jose, CA 95134
Ceramics Studio1803
Chancellor's OfficeD120
Channing House (CHHS) Off Campus    850 Webster Palo Alto, CA 94301
Chateau Cupertino (CCUP) Off Campus    10150 Torres Ave Cupertino, CA
Chemistry Lab4719
Chinese Heritage Room3523
Christopher Elementary (CHRSELM) Off Campus    565 Coyote Rd San Jose, CA 95111
City Lights Theater Company (CLTC) Off Campus    529 S Second St San Jose, CA 95112
Classified Senate5027
Columbia Neighborhood Cntr (COLCNTR) Off Campus    785 Morse Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94085
Computer Access Center5710Brenda Davis650 949-7039
Computer Lab Classroom8401
Computer Science Department4318(650) 949-7236
Conference Room 60306030
Construction5801(650) 949-7017
Counseling Division8301(650) 949-7296
Crittenden Middle School (CRITTEN) Off Campus    1701 Rock St Mountain View, CA 94043
Crystal Children's Choir (CCC) Off Campus    20900 Stevens Creek Blvd Cupertino, CA 95015
Cultural Center2014
Cypress Senior Center (CYPR) Off Campus    403 South Cypress San Jose, CA
Dance Studio2507
Dark Room5305A
Dark Room (Beginning)6101
De Anza College (DEANZ) Off Campus    21250 Stevens Creek Boulevard Cupertino, CA
Del Roble Elementary School (DELRBLE) Off Campus    5345 Avenida Almendros San Jose, CA 95123
Dental Health Center5314
Design Studio1801
Disability Resource Center5997(650) 949-7017
E. Palo Alto Charter School (EPACHART) Off Campus    1286 Runnymede St East Palo Alto, CA 94303
East Palo Alto Senior Center (EPSC) Off Campus    560 Bell St East Palo Alto, CA 94303
Eastside College Preparatory School (ESPREP) Off Campus    1041 Myrtle Street East Palo Alto, Ca 94303
Edenvale Elementary School (EDENVALE) Off Campus    285 Azucar Ave. San Jose, Ca. 95111
El Camino Youth Symphony (ECYS) Off Campus    4055 Fabian Way Palo Alto, CA 94303
Ellis School (ELLIS) Off Campus    550 E Olive Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Engineering/Material Science Lab4705
Engineering/Material Science Lab4706
Environmental Horticulture & Design8602
Evening College1909
Extended Opportunity Program & Services, Tutorial Services (EOPS)8202(650) 949-7207
Facilities Rental1926
Faculty AssociationD140
Fair Oaks Elementary School (FAIROAKS) Off Campus    2400 Lisa Ln Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
Fair Oaks Senior Center (FO) Off Campus    4150 Temescal St. Fair Oaks, CA 95628
FGA Faculty Media Lab5960A
Financial Aid8103(650) 949-7245
Fine Arts & Communication Division1701(650) 949-7156
Fitness Center Cardio/Spin Room2506
Flexit (FLEXIT) Off Campus    425 W Evelyn Avenue Mountain View, CA
Food Services2211
Foothill Cafe Dining Room2201
Foothill College Sunnyvale Center (SV) Off Campus    1070 Innovation Way Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Forum Classroom (F1)5001
Forum Classroom (F12)5015
Fremont High School (FMHS) Off Campus    1279 Sunnyvale Saratoga Rd Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Fremont High School-Adult Ed (FHSAED) Off Campus    1279 Sunnyvale Saratoga Rd Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Fremont Union HS District, Adult Community Education (FACE) Off Campus    591 W. Fremont Ave. Sunnyvale, California 94087
Garfield Elementary School (GARFIELD) Off Campus    3600 Middlefield Rd. Menlo Park, Ca. 94025
General classroom5971
Gilroy High School (GRHS) Off Campus    750 W 10th St Gilroy, CA 95020
Ginzton Terrace (GINZT) Off Campus    375 Oak Tree Drive Mountain View, CA
Glenwood Inn (GLNWD) Off Campus    555 Glenwood Avenue Menlo Park, CA
Graham Middle School (GRAHAM) Off Campus    1175 Castro St Mountain View, CA 94040
Head Start Edenville (HSEDENVAL) Off Campus    5319 Carryback Ave San Jose, CA 95111
Head Start Rouleau Site (HSROUL) Off Campus    1875 Monrovia Dr. San Jose, CA 95122
Head Start San Jose (HDSRTSJ) Off Campus    1290 Ridder Park Dr San Jose, 95131
Head Start Wool Creek Site (HSWOOL) Off Campus    645 Wool Creek Dr San Jose, CA 95111
Health Services2126
Hearthside Lounge2313
Henry Gunn High School (GHS) Off Campus    780 Arastradero Rd Palo Alto, CA 94306
Hillview Community Ctr. (HILVW) Off Campus    97 Hillview Avenue Los Altos, CA
Homstead Bowl (HMSTDBWL) Off Campus    20990 W Homestead Rd Cupertino, CA 95014
Honors Institute5425
Hoover Elementary School (HVRELM) Off Campus    701 Charter St Redwood City, CA 94063
Hoover Middle School (HOOVER) Off Campus    1635 Park Avenue San Jose, CA 95126
Hort Science Lab8609
IDEA Lab1211
Inorganic Chemistry Lab4801
Inorganic Chemistry Lab4812
Inorganic Chemistry Lab4814
Instructional Support Center3612
Instrumentation Lab4802
Instrumentation Lab4803
International Student Office
Internships-Work Experience Program1947
Ireland (IRELAND) Off Campus    http://www.foothill.edu/campusabroad/
Italy (ITALY) Off Campus    http://www.foothill.edu/campusabroad/
Japanese Cultural Center (J1)6601
Jewish Community Center (JCC) Off Campus    655 Arastradero Road Palo Alto, CA
Kainos Home and Training Center (KHTC) Off Campus    3631 Jefferson Ave Redwood City, CA 94062
Kathryn Hughes Elementary (HUGHES) Off Campus    4949 Calle De Escuela Santa Clara, CA 95054
KCI - 25 Imac laptops4002
KCI - 29 Macs4004
KCI - 29 PCs4008
KCI - 40064006
KFJC-FM Radio Station6202
KFJC-FM Radio Station Office6201
Kj's Cafe6000
Krause Center for Innovation4001(650) 949-7680
Lab - BH (H21)5113
Lab - BH (H26)5106
Lab - BH (H27)5105
Lab - BH (H31)5101
Lab - Bio Tech Lab5102
Lab - Chemistry (P33)5625
Lab - Chemistry (P345621
Lab - Chemistry (P37)5615
Lab - Chemistry (P39)5603
Lab - CNET (E6)4201
Lab - DA/DH Classroom (H1)5301
Lab - DA/DH Treatment Room (H9)5304
Lab - Dark Room1603
Lab - dark room5304A
Lab - Dental5302
Lab - Dental Hygiene5312
Lab - etching room1604
Lab - Geology Lab (P24)5423
Lab - Glazing Room1804
Lab - Language Arts Comp Lab (L5)6303
Lab - Language Arts Open Lab (L3)6306
Lab - Math Center (E14)4213
Lab - Music Practice Room1201
Lab - Music Practice Room1202
Lab - Music Practice Room1203
Lab - Music Practice Room1205
Lab - Music Practice Room1206
Lab - Music Practice Room1207
Lab - Music Practice Room1208
Lab - OH (P66)4405
Lab - PC Computers4202
Lab - PC Computers (Farber)4308
Lab - Physics (P27)5407
Lab - Physics (P21)5406
Lab - Printing, Art1802
Lab - Printmaking Room1605
Lab - R T (H5)5307
Lab - Radiation Science (H8)5305
Lab - Unix Lab4305
Lab- Music editing room1108
Lab- Music Practice Room1204
Lab- PC Computers4223
Labratory - 54225422
Lakewood Elementary (LKWOOD) Off Campus    750 Lakechime Dr Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Language Arts Division6408(650) 949-7250
Language Arts Lab6308(650) 949-7452
Large Lecture Classroom1401
Large Lecture Classroom4301
Large Lecture Classroom (S3)3404
Large Lecture Classroom (S4)3403
Large Lecture Hall8338
Large Lecture Room (PSEC)4501
Large Lecture Room (PSEC)4502
Large Multimedia Lecture Classroom8402
Large Multimedia Lecture classroom8403
Large Multimedia Lecture Classroom (P1)5501
Latino College Prep (LCP) Off Campus    14271 Story Rd San Jose, CA 95127
Lecture Classroom1220
Lecture Classroom1405
Lecture Classroom3101
Lecture Classroom4302
Lecture classroom5702
Lecture classroom6304
Lecture classroom6402
Lecture Classroom6707
Lecture Classroom6708
Lecture Classroom2018
Lecture Classroom2504
Lecture Classroom2830
Lecture Classroom2831
Lecture Classroom2834
Lecture Classroom2905
Lecture Classroom2906
Lecture Classroom4306
Lecture Classroom4309
Lecture Classroom4310
Lecture Classroom6302
Lecture Classroom6305
Lecture Classroom6307
Lecture Classroom6507
Lecture Classroom6704
Lecture Classroom8011
Lecture Classroom6705
Lecture Classroom6706
Lecture Classroom (B1)3202
Lecture Classroom (B2)3201
Lecture Classroom (B24)3106
Lecture Classroom (B3)3206
Lecture Classroom (B4)3204
Lecture Classroom (B5)3203
Lecture Classroom (B53)3015
Lecture Classroom (E10)4220
Lecture Classroom (E11)4218
Lecture Classroom (E3)4204
Lecture Classroom (H52)5210
Lecture Classroom (L1)6309
Lecture Classroom (L22)6401
Lecture Classroom (L24)6406
Lecture Classroom (L25)6405
Lecture Classroom (L25)6409
Lecture Classroom (L26)6404
Lecture Classroom (L27)6403
Lecture Classroom (L31)6501
Lecture Classroom (L32)6508
Lecture Classroom (L33)6506
Lecture Classroom (L34)6505
Lecture Classroom (L35)6504
Lecture Classroom (L36)6503
Lecture Classroom (L37)6502
Lecture Classroom (P2)5503
Lecture Classroom (P31)5602
Lecture Classroom (P32)5601
Lecture Classroom (P35)5620
Lecture Classroom (P36)5617
Lecture Classroom (S1)3402
Lecture Classroom (S2)3401
Lecture Classroom (S21)3303
Lecture Classroom (S23)3301
Lecture Classroom (S24)3308
Lecture Classroom (S25)3307
Lecture Classroom (S26)3305
Lecture Classroom (S27)3304
Lecture Classroom- Communication Studies1219
Lecutre Classroom (E9)4221
Library3501(650) 949-7611
Library Classroom3525
Little House (LTLHS) Off Campus    800 Middle Avenue Menlo Park, CA
Lohman Theatre8002
London (LONDON) Off Campus    http://www.foothill.edu/campusabroad/
Los Altos High School (LAHS) Off Campus    201 Almond Avenue Los Altos, CA
Los Altos Senior Center (LASC) Off Campus    97 Hillview Los Altos, CA
Los Altos United Methodist Church (LAUMC) Off Campus    655 Magdalena Los Altos, CA
Los Altos Youth Theatre (LAYT) Off Campus    97 Hillview Avenue Los Altos, CA
Los Gatos Jewish Com Center (LGJCC) Off Campus    14855 Oka Road Los Gatos, CA 95032
Los Gatos Meadows (LGM) Off Campus    110 Wood Road Los Gatos, Ca 95030
Lytton Gardens (LYT2) Off Campus    649 University Avenue Palo Alto, CA 94301
Lytton Gardens Senior Communities (LYT) Off Campus    437 Webster St Palo Alto, CA 94301
Main Gym (G1)2601
Mariano Castro Elem. School (CASTRO) Off Campus    505 Escuela Ave Mountain View, CA 94040
Math Center (PSME Center, E12)4215
McKinnley PreSchool (MVKPS) Off Campus    651 Macaredes San Jose, Ca.
Media Center3612Linda Robinson(650) 949-7445
Menlo Commons (MENLO) Off Campus    2140 Santa Cruz Avenue Menlo Park, CA
Menlo Park Library (MPL) Off Campus    800 Alma Street Menlo Park, CA
Menlo Park Senior Center (MPSC) Off Campus    110 Terminal Ave Menlo Park, CA 94025
Middle College2152
Moffett Field (MFT) Off Campus    Moffett Boulevard Mountain View, CA
Monterey Plumbers & Pipe Fitters (MONT) Off Campus    11445 Commercial Pkwy Castroville, California 95012
Mountain View Community Center (MVCC) Off Campus    201 S Rengstorff Avenue Mountain View, CA
Mountain View High School (MVHS) Off Campus    3535 Truman Avenue Mountain View, CA 94040
Mountain View Senior Center (MVSC) Off Campus    266 Escuela Mountain View, CA 94040
Mtn. View Wishman School District (MVWSD) Off Campus    750-A San Pierre Way Mtn. View, Ca. 94043
Multimedia Lecture Classroom (P4)5502
Multimedia lecture room-Counseling8216
Multimedia lecture room-Counseling8330
Music/Video Studio1101
Nanotechnology Lab4705A
Next Step Center, VA Medical Center (VANSP) Off Campus    795 Willow Road Menlo Park, CA
Nova Vista Symphony (NVS) Off Campus    P.O. Box 60312 Sunnyvale, CA 94088
Oak Creek Apt. Clubhouse (OC) Off Campus    600 Sand Hill Dr Palo Alto, CA
Oakwood (OAKWD) Off Campus    150 Valparaiso Atherton, CA
Occupational Training Institute / CalWorks5004/5005Sofia Abad, Program Coordinator650-949-7465 (Foothill)
Office 12091209
Office 12101210
Office 12121212
Office 12131213
Office 12141214
Office 12151215
Office 12161216
Office 14061406
Office 14071407
Office 17061706
Office 17071707
Office 17081708
Office 17091709
Office 17101710
Office 17111711
Office 19511951
Office 20122012
Office 27022702
Office 27032703
Office 27042704
Office 27052705
Office 27062706
Office 27072707
Office 27082708
Office 27092709
Office 27152715
Office 27162716
Office 27172717
Office 27182718
Office 27192719
Office 27202720
Office 27212721
Office 27222722
Office 28122812
Office 28132813
Office 28142814
Office 28152815
Office 28162816
Office 28172817
Office 28182818
Office 28192819
Office 28202820
Office 28212821
Office 28222822
Office 30013001
Office 30023002
Office 30033003
Office 30043004
Office 30053005
Office 30063006
Office 30123012
Office 30133013
Office 30143014
Office 30163016
Office 30173017
Office 30183018
Office 30193019
Office 30203020
Office 30213021
Office 30223022
Office 30233023
Office 30243024
Office 40034003
Office 40144014
Office 40154015
Office 40164016
Office 40174017
Office 40184018
Office 40194019
Office 41044104
Office 41054105
Office 41064106
Office 41074107
Office 41084108
Office 41094109
Office 41104110
Office 41114111
Office 41124112
Office 41134113
Office 41144114
Office 41154115
Office 41164116
Office 41174117
Office 41244124
Office 41254125
Office 41264126
Office 41274127
Office 41284128
Office 41294129
Office 41304130
Office 41314131
Office 41324132
Office 41334133
Office 41344134
Office 41354135
Office 41364136
Office 41374137
Office 41384138
Office 41394139
Office 41404140
Office 41414141
Office 41424142
Office 41434143
Office 41444144
Office 41454145
Office 41464146
Office 41474147
Office 41484148
Office 41494149
Office 50055005
Office 50065006
Office 50075007
Office 50085008
Office 50095009
Office 50105010
Office 50115011
Office 50125012
Office 50135013
Office 50175017
Office 50185018
Office 50195019
Office 50205020
Office 50215021
Office 50225022
Office 50235023
Office 50245024
Office 50255025
Office 50265026
Office 50285028
Office 51085108
Office 52015201
Office 52025202
Office 52035203
Office 52045204
Office 52055205
Office 52065206
Office 52075207
Office 52085208
Office 52095209
Office 52265226
Office 52275227
Office 52285228
Office 54245424
Office 54265426
Office 56185618
Office 60016001
Office 60026002
Office 60036003
Office 60046004
Office 60056005
Office 60066006
Office 60076007
Office 60086008
Office 60096009
Office 60106010
Office 60116011
Office 60126012
Office 60136013
Office 60146014
Office 60156015
Office 60166016
Office 60176017
Office 60186018
Office 60236023
Office 60246024
Office 60256025
Office 60266026
Office 60276027
Office 60286028
Office 60336033
Office 60346034
Office 60356035
Office 60366036
Office 60376037
Office 60386038
Office 60396039
Office 60406040
Office 60416041
Office 60426042
Office 60436043
Office 60446044
Office 82128212
Office 85028502
Office 85038503
Office 85048504
Office 85058505
Office 85068506
Office 86038603
Office 86048604
Office 86058605
Office 86068606
Office 87028702
Office 87038703
Office 87048704
Office 87058705
Office 87068706
Older Adult Program & VAMC5801
Onetta Harris (OH) Off Campus    100 Terminal Menlo Park, CA
Organic Chemistry Lab4804
Palo Alto Bowl (PABOWL) Off Campus    4329 El Camino Real Palo Alto, CA
Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra (PACO) Off Campus    723 Matadero Palo Alto, CA
Palo Alto Commons Assist Living (PACOM) Off Campus    4075 El Camino Way Palo Alto, CA 94306
Palo Alto High School (PAHS) Off Campus    50 Embarcadero Rd. Palo Alto, Ca. 94301
Parc Regent (PR) Off Campus    1 West Edith Ave Los Altos, CA
Parkview Elementary (PRKVIEW) Off Campus    330 Bluefield Dr San Jose, CA 95136
Pass the Torch3600(650) 949-7687
PC classroom4203
Peninsula Youth Theatre (PYT) Off Campus    2500 Old Middlefield Mountain View, CA 94043
Photo Studio6103
Photography Lecture classroom6107
Physical Education & Athletics2701(650) 949-7742
Physical Sciences4101
Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering Division4118(650) 949-7259
Physics/Engineering Lab4714
Physics/Engineering Lab4715
Physics/Engineering Lab4716
Physics/Engineering Lab4718
Piano Instruction Classroom1402
Pied Piper Theatre (PPT) Off Campus    3747 Redwood Circle Palo Alto, CA
Pilgrim Haven (PH) Off Campus    373 Pine Lane Los Altos, CA
Placement Tests8213
President's Conference Room1904
PSME Center4200
PSME Center4211
Psychological Counseling & Services2120
Quick Copy4052
Redwood Villa (REDWD) Off Campus    1981 Montecito Mountain View, CA
Robert C. Smithwick Theatre1001
Room 27132713
Room 36103610
Room 44034403
Room 44044404
Room 44064406
Room 44074407
Room 44084408
Room 44094409
Room 44104410
Room 44114411
Room 44124412
Room 44134413
Room 44144414
Room 44154415
Room 44164416
Room 44174417
Room 44184418
Room 44194419
Room 44204420
Room 63016301
Roosevelt Elem School (ROOSEVELT) Off Campus    2223 Vera Avenue Redwood City, Ca. 94062
Rosemary Elem School (ROSEMARY) Off Campus    401 W. Hamilton Ave. Campbell, Ca. 95008
RT Learning Center (H5a)5306
Sacred Heart High School (SHHS) Off Campus    150 Valparaiso Avenue Atherton, CA
Samuel Stipe School (SSTIPE) Off Campus    5000 Lyng Dr. San Jose, Ca. 95111
San Jose Children's Musical Theater (SJCMT) Off Campus    1401 Parkmoor Ave, Ste. 100 San Jose, California 95126
San Jose State University (SJSU) Off Campus    One Washington Square San Jose, CA
San Miguel Elementary School (SANMIG) Off Campus    777 San Miguel Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94085
Santa Clara Adult Ed Center (SCAEC) Off Campus    1840 Benton Street Santa Clara, Ca. 95050
Santa Rosa Apprenticeship Site (SROSA) Off Campus    1726 Corby Avenue Santa Rosa, California 95407
Saratoga Senior Center (SSC) Off Campus    19655 Allendale Ave Saratoga, California 95070
Schola Cantorum (SC) Off Campus    555 Waverley Street Palo Alto, CA
Scott Elementary School (SCOTT) Off Campus    1925 Scott Blvd Santa Clara, Ca. 95050
Senior Center Of Palo Alto (PASC) Off Campus    450 Bryant Street Palo Alto, CA
Senior Day Health Program (SDHP) Off Campus    701 East Meadow Palo Alto, CA 94303
Sequoias (SEQ) Off Campus    501 Portola Road Portola Valley, CA
Shoreline Golf Links (SHORELINE) Off Campus    2940 N. Shoreline Blvd. Mtn. View, CA 94043
Silver Creek High School (SCHS) Off Campus    3434 Silver Creek Rd San Jose, CA 95121
Sllicon Valley Career Technical Education (SVCTE) Off Campus    760 Hillsdale Ave San Jose, Ca 95136
Small Lecture Room (PSEC)4601
Small Lecture Room (PSEC)4602
Small Lecture Room (PSEC)4603
Small Lecture Room (PSEC)4604
Small Lecture Room (PSEC)4605
Small Lecture Room (PSEC)4606
Smithwick Theatre Classroom1022
South Bay Reg Training Consortium (SBRTC) Off Campus    3095 Yerba Buena Road San Jose, CA 95135
Spain Campus Abroad (SPAIN) Off Campus    http://www.foothill.edu/campusabroad/
St. Francis High School (SFRAN) Off Campus    1885 Miramonte Avenue Mountain View, CA
Stanford Medical Center (SMC) Off Campus    300 Pasteur Drive Palo Alto, CA 94305
Student Accounts2005
Student Activities Office2009
Student Affairs2002
Student Project Room4703
Student Success Center8102
Studio Booth1102
Sunny View Residential (SVR) Off Campus    22445 Cupertino Rd Cupertino, CA
Sunnyvale School District (SSD) Off Campus    819 West Iowa Ave Sunnyvale, Ca. 94085
Sunnyvale Senior Center (SVSC) Off Campus    550 East Remington Drive Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Taft School (TAFT) Off Campus    903 10th Ave Redwood City, CA 94063
Teaching and Learning Center3600(650) 949-7447
Temporary Village5901 - 5999
Temporary Village - General Classroom5972
Temporary Village - General classroom5981
Temporary Village - General Classroom5982
Temporary Village - General Classroom5991
Temporary Village - General Classroom5992
Temporary Village Classroom5931
Temporary Village General Classroom5921
Temporary Village Large Multimedia Classroom5950
Terrace at Los Altos (TLA) Off Campus    373 Pine Ln Los Altos, CA 94022
The Deaf Community Center (DCC) Off Campus    1550 San Leandro Blvd. San Leandro, Ca. 94577,
The Forum (FORUM) Off Campus    23500 Cristo Rey Drive Cupertino, CA 95014
Theatre Box Office8007
Theurekauf Elementary School (THERKF) Off Campus    1625 San Luis Ave Mountain View, CA 94043
Toyon Meeting Room2020
Transfer Center8329
Transition to Work5801
VA Dual Diagnostic Program (VADDP) Off Campus    795 Willow Rd, Bldg. 324C Menlo Park, CA
Va Medical Center Brain Injury Unit (BIU) Off Campus    3801 Miranda Avenue Palo Alto, CA
VA Mental Health Clinic (VAMHC) Off Campus    795 Willow Road Menlo Park, CA
VA Palo Alto Health Care-SJ Clinic (VASJ) Off Campus    80 Great Oaks Boulevard San Jose, CA
VA Partial Hospitalization Program (VAPHP) Off Campus    795 Willow Road Menlo Park, CA
Veterans Medical Center Palo Alto (VA) Off Campus    3801 Miranda Avenue Palo Alto, CA
Veterans Resource Center2014
Veterans Workshop (VETSA) Off Campus    795 Willow Road Menlo Park, CA
Veterinary Technology Lab8507
Video Editing Lab1103
Villa Sienna (VSR) Off Campus    1855 Miramonte Avenue Mountain View, CA
West Bay Opera (WBO) Off Campus    1305 Middlefield Rd Palo Alto, CA 94301
West Valley Sand Courts (WVSC) Off Campus    1400 Fruitvale Avenue Saratoga, Ca 95050
Year Up San Jose (YUSJ) Off Campus    100 W San Fernando St San Jose, CA 95113
Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) Off Campus    2400 Grant Road Mountain View, CA
Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Off Campus    650 East Middlefield Road Mountain View, CA
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On-campus parking lot numbers relate to campus building numbers. For the most convenient parking spot, park in the lot that corresponds to the classroom or office you're visiting. For example: Your class meets in Building 4000? Park in Lot 4. Your appointment is in Building 8000? Park in Lot 8.