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Emerald Campus Lecture Series featuring Robert Cormia
Learn about Foothill's On-Campus Energy Grid
Hearthside Lounge (across from Bookstore)
November 14, 2012
Wednesday at 10 a.m.
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Foothill College Computer Information Systems Instructor Robert Cormia, B.S., will discuss Foothill's On-Campus Campus Energy Grid Wednesday, Nov. 14, at 10 a.m. in the Hearthside Lounge. Cormia teaches nanotechnology and clean energy courses at Foothill. He is the principle investigator of an NSF-funded program for training scientists, engineers and technicians in advanced materials engineering. He is also a faculty researcher at the NASA-Advanced Studies Laboratory and works with scientists and students who are developing carbon nanomaterials with an emphasis on materials analysis trends. His research areas include nanocarbon and fullerene structures, CIGS thin film photovoltaic materials, and plasma-deposited thin films. He is active in climate and energy policy, and is developing sustainability models for human habitats. He helped develop Foothill's Climate Action Plan for measuring and managing green house gas emissions. Both lectures are presented as part of the Foothill College Emerald Campus Lecture Series. Admission is free.
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Special Notice: Admission is free; parking is $3. Purchase required parking permit from dispensers in any studen lot.

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