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Eco-Pass Ballot Results
February 04, 2013
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More than 1,300 participated in a vote last week to determine if Foothill College students should be assessed a fee in order to offer the VTA Eco Pass at Foothill College. Results for the 2013 Student Election VTA Eco-Pass Ballot Proposition include 1,112 "yes" votes and 220 "no" votes. ASFC student government leaders certified the election results Feb. 4. They will present election results to members of the FHDA Board of Trustees in March. Trustees will then decide whether to approve the associated fees. Every enrolled Foothill College student will be assessed the Eco Pass mandatory fees regardless if they use the service or not if so approved by the FHDA Board of Trustees. If approved by trustees, the VTA Eco Pass will permit unlimited ride service for VTA bus and light rail to all enrolled Foothill College students with a valid OwlCard. The VTA Eco Pass provides students the opportunity for affordable transportation within the VTA bus/light rail network; may relieve automobile traffic and parking congestion on campus; features a cost of up to $20 per student annually versus the $770 cost of the regular VTA annual bus pass; is accessible for riders who are disabled, as well as for cyclists; and promotes alternative transportation which can reduce carbon footprint
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