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FastTech: Project-Based Learning
Affordable & Efficient Technology Training Class
Meets online
May 06, 2013 - June 14, 2013
meets online
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Foothill College/KCI FastTech Class: Global Project-Based Learning
Description: An important part of every child’s education is learning to live and work in the global economy. This requires skills in technology, communication, collaboration, multicultural understanding. Global PBL is grounded in real-world projects that explore real problems, explore the diversity and the sameness of cultures, and create collaboration between classrooms by capitalizing on Internet technologies. In this course we’ll explore the tools available and the skills necessary for successful multi-classrooms projects. In this project-based class, we’ll discover existing projects to join and work collaboratively to create multi-classroom projects based on Common Core and state content standards that will delight, engage and excite our students. Registration required. Presenter: Linda Ullah
Location: Meets online

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