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New Identifiers for Physical Education Courses
Find Your Fitness Classes & Searchable Class Schedule
May 09, 2013
Archive Story

Foothill’s Kinesiology & Athletics Division has an impressive variety of courses to choose from this summer, and we want to make sure that you know how to find them. New four-letter course headers are now used to identify these courses in the class schedule:

  • Look under PHED for activity-type classes such as yoga, Pilates, thighs/abs/glutes, swimming, badminton, weight training and others;
  • Dance courses continue to be listed under DANC;
  • Lecture and clinical classes are listed under KINS, which includes courses such as Sport & Society, Introduction to Kinesiology, Theory & Concepts of Physical Fitness & Wellness, and Sports Medicine;
  • All adaptive physical education classes are now listed under PHDA; and
  • If you’re interested in playing any of Foothill’s 13 intercollegiate sports, look under ATHL.

These classes are targeted for student-athletes who are training for competitive seasons. For more information, call (650) 949-7741. For registration instructions, access

Phone us at: (650) 949-7741
eMail us at:
Click here for more information.
Check this link for additional information:

Special Notice: Use these new identifiers to look up summer classes

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