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Save Your Stuff: Empty Lockers by June 28
Remove All Personal Property Including Your Lock by Deadline
Men's & Women's Locker Rooms
June 28, 2013
Archive Story

Empty your Foothill College locker (if you use one) by Friday, June 28. Beginning Monday, July 1, lockers will be available for students who are enrolled in Summer Session physical education activity courses. All lockers must be emptied by Friday, Aug. 30, at which time all remaining locks will be cut and lockers' contents will be emptied.

Be certain to remove all personal property, including clothing, equipment, electronics, toiletries, medications and any other personal items, as well as your padlock or combination lock. After the deadline, remaining locks will be cut off and locker contents will be emptied. No items will be held for pick up.

Lockers are available each quarter but must be cleared out and locks removed on or before the last day of your class. The Foothill-De Anza Community College District (hereafter known as "district") does not promise, guarantee or warrant the safety of your property stored in lockers. Do not store personal property worth more than $50 in the locker. Provide your own lock to secure property in the locker at all times until you are required to remove the lock and contents, as the district will not undertake to provide security or safekeeping. If you fail to remove the lock and locker contents on or before the last day of class, the district will treat the lock and locker contents as intentionally abandoned property worth less than $100 and will remove the lock and discard the lock and the locker contents without providing any notice to you.

Phone us at: (650) 949-7741
eMail us at:
Click here for more information.
Special Notice: Personal Locks and Locker Contents that Remain After the Deadline Will Be Discarded

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