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Campus Construction: Expect Detours All Summer
Allow extra time to get to classrooms, offices and parking lots
offices and classrooms open during construction
July 01, 2013 - September 17, 2013
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​​Monday, July 1, marks the start of intensive summer construction that will require closing of several campus parking lots and controlling traffic on an access road on the Foothill College campus. While the end results will be positive, these construction activities from July 1 through Sept. 17 will disrupt routines and require adjustments for Foothill students, faculty and staff, as well as Central Services and De Anza College employees who come to the Foothill campus.

When completed this fall, the project will provide Foothill College and the FHDA District Office more efficient parking and a new access road through Lot 1. With the new road, cars that park in Lot 1, at Plant Services and in the lots around the District Office Building may enter and exit the campus without having to travel around the Loop Road. Taking traffic off the Loop Road will reduce our carbon footprint and significantly improve pedestrian safety.

To help you visualize the summer construction projects, review this map or paste this URL into your browser: Signs about these changes will be posted in the affected parking lots. To ensure safety, please comply with all posted placards.

Detailed summaries of the scheduled work as well as alternate parking and access plans are listed at the end of this message. But first, here is a quick overview of the key changes that will affect us over the summer:

  • Lots 1 and 6 will be closed.
  • Lot 1C in front of the District Office Building will be closed.
  • The access road to Plant Services and the football stadium will become a one-lane road with traffic control; expect delays.
  • Lot 1D next to the district annex/FA office is reserved for Central Services employee parking; Foothill employees who normally park there may park in Lot 5, where staff parking has been expanded.
  • Please comply with all warning signs and do not enter construction areas. Construction areas are considered the property of the contractors. Construction start and completion dates are subject to change. Foothill-De Anza Police will continue 24/7 enforcement of all parking regulations and traffic laws.

Should you have any questions or need assistance, call or e-mail Foothill College Facilities & Special Projects Director Brenda Davis-Visas at DavisVisasBrenda or (650) 949-7033.

Measure C Construction – Summer 2013

We’re excited about moving forward with this work, which has been made possible by the passage of Measure C, a bond initiative approved by voters in 2006. Funding for Measure C projects is generated from general obligation bonds. These funds are not subject to state budget cuts and can only be used for facilities projects.

  • Parking Lot 1 and Lot 6 will be closed for construction, and will reopen for student parking in fall quarter.
  • Parking Lot 2 and Lot 3  will remain open while minor paving repairs are made.
  • Parking Lot 5 will become a staff-only parking lot effective July 1 with the exception of motorcycle and accessible parking. Lot 5 will remain a staff lot in the fall quarter to accommodate the district staff who are being relocated to the modular buildings during remodeling of the District Office Building.
  • District Office Parking Lots— Parking Lot 1C will be closed for construction during the summer. District Office Building staff and visitors may park in Lot 1D next to the annex or Lot 1E behind the District Office Building throughout the summer. Foothill employees who normally park in Lot 1D are kindly requested to park in Lot 5, where more staff parking is being made available, or in one of the other available parking lots. Lot 1C will reopen for the fall quarter and parking arrangements in Lots 1C, 1D and 1E also will return to normal.
  • District Plant Services Access Road will be under construction, but will remain open as a one-lane road. During regular work hours there will be a flag person to direct traffic. During off hours, there will be a synchronized traffic light. Along with Plant Services staff and deliveries, parents will use the access road to drop off their children for summer camps that meet at the football stadium.
Phone us at: (650) 949-7033
eMail us at:

Special Notice: Arrive early; expect delays. Foothill-De Anza Police will continue 24/7 enforcement of all parking regulations and traffic laws.

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