Placement/Testing Office

Student Services Building
Lot 8, Second Floor
Enter through 8212

Office Hours

Mon. and Tues., 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
Wed. and Thurs., 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Fri., 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Evening hours for placement testing at Middlefield Campus:
(650) 949-6958

Contact Information

Placement Testing
Phone: (650) 949-7672
or (650) 949-7743
Fax: (650) 949-7024

Prerequisite Clearance
Counseling: (650) 949-7423

Foothill College strongly advises placement testing to ensure your success.
You may be required to take a placement test in one or more of these areas.

Math Placement Chemistry Placement

English Placement OR ESL Placement

To choose between English and ESL, please answer the following questions:
  1. Is English the first language you learned as a child?
  2. Did you complete at least six years of education, including high school, in schools where all your subjects were taught in English?
  3. Do you usually speak English with your friends and/or co-workers?
If you answered "Yes" to two or three of the questions, select the English link for more information on placement testing. If you answered "No" to two or three of the questions, select the ESL link for more information on placement testing.

Please Note: The Placement Testing Office will be closed on the following days:

  • Thursday, September 10
  • Thursday, September 17
  • Friday, September 18

Testing services are available by appointment only. Please look at a calendar and choose the date and time you want to test before using the appointment system. You will not be able to change or cancel your appointment. If you are unable to keep an appointment or need to change your future appointment, email with the date and time to which you want to move your appointment.

If you are ready to schedule an appointment for placement testing or proctoring services, click on the link to the scheduling system here: Schedule an Appointment.

Testing Services

Students with documented disabilities may request reasonable test accommodations, provided they are registered with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) and have met with an appropriate staff member to determine eligibility. Eligibility for accommodations is based upon the nature of the disability and the course curriculum. Accommodations may include but are not limited to the following: readers, scribes, alternate formats, oral examinations for essay tests, extended time, permission to write on an exam instead of a scantron, or a low distraction environment. Visit Testing Services for further information.

Evening Placement Testing

Please call (650) 949-6958 for hours and location of evening placement testing at the Middlefield campus. View map.

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Office closed on:
• Thurs, Sept. 10
• Thurs, Sept. 17
• Fri, Sept. 18

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