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Faculty-Staff Member P/F TitlePhoneeMail
Rahul AgarwalP Computer Science Instructor eMail
Hadeel AmmariP Computer Science Instructor eMail
Jeffrey AndersonF Mathematics instructor (650) 949-7116eMail
Kathleen ArmstrongF Chemistry Instructor (650) 949-7487eMail
Luis BarretoF Computer Lab Administrator (650) 949-7620eMail
John BeckP Astronomy Instructor eMail
Gabriela BernalP Engineering Instructor eMail
Yvette ButterworthP Mathematics Instructor eMail
Myron R. CaganP Chemistry Instructor eMail
Frank CascaranoF Physics Instructor (650) 949-7784eMail
Jesse CecilP Computer Science Instructor eMail
Zachary CembellinF Mathematics Instructor (650)949-7383eMail
Ruyu ChenF Division Administrative Assistant (650) 949-7259eMail
Robert CormiaF Engineering/Nanoscience Instructor (650) 949-7456eMail
Stephanie CurzonP Chemistry instructor eMail
Richard DaleyF Chemistry Instructor (650) 949-7126eMail
Kirk DemlingerP Mathematics instructor eMail
Jeanne DigelP Astronomy instructor eMail
Larry EnglishP Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7999 x4530eMail
Naghmeh EsfandiariP Chemistry instructor eMail
Wilson Florero SalinasP Mathematics eMail
Anita ForsP Physics Instructor eMail
Andrew FraknoiF Astronomy Instructor (Honors Instructor) (650) 949-7288eMail
Marnie FranciscoF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7420eMail
Nicole GrayF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7175eMail
Elaine HaightF Computer Science Instructor (650) 949-7624eMail
David P. HardenP Computer Science Instructor (650)949-7236eMail
Anna HawesP Engineering Instructor
Mary HollandF Chemistry Instructor (650)949-7426eMail
Hanan IbrahimP Computer Science Instructor eMail
Maarten KalisvaartP Math Instructor (650)949-7236eMail
Rula KhayrallahP Computer Science Instructor eMail
Marc KnobelF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7049eMail
Lalitha KrishnamurthyP Computer Science Instructor eMail
Phuong LamF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7406eMail
Geri LambleP Computer Science Instructor eMail
Londa LarsonF Chemistry Instructor (650) 949-7385eMail
Bobby LauP Physics Instructor eMail
Huong LeP Mathematics Instructor eMail
Debbie LeeF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7497eMail
Sherman LeeF Chemistry Lab Technician (650) 949-7291eMail
Jimmy LiP Chemistry Instructor eMail
Zuohua LiangF PSME Instructional Lab Coordinator (650) 949-7315eMail
Robert LiebermanP Mathematics Instructor eMail
Rene Van LingenF
Kei-Lee Kelley LiuP Chemistry Instructor (650) 949-7999 x4536eMail
Michael LoceffF Computer Science Instructor (650) 949-7384eMail
Sofya LowP Math Instructor eMail
Matthew LowP Mathematics instructor eMail
Eva LowP Physics Instructor eMail
Brendan MarP Chemistry Instructor eMail
David MarascoF Physics Instructor (Honors Instructor) (650) 949-7492eMail
Anna MargolisP Mathematics instructor eMail
Cheri MarktP Engineering instructor eMail
Rick MartinezF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7494eMail
Tatsiana MaskalevichP Math Instructor (650) 949-7236eMail
Mary Ann May-PumphreyF Computer Science Instructor
Bita MazloomP Computer Science instructor eMail
LaDawn MeadeP Computer Science Instructor (650) 949-7553eMail
Chad MillerP Chemistry instructor eMail
David MonarresP Mathematics Instructor eMail
Patrick MorrissF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7548eMail
Craig MossmanP Chemistry Instructor eMail
Rachel MudgeF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7592eMail
Jennifer MullinP Engineering Instructor eMail
Sarah MunozF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7613eMail
Mike MurphyF Computer Science Instructor (650) 949-7221eMail
Rosa Liu NguyenF Chemistry Instructor (650) 949-7421eMail
Yuh NiP Mathematics Instructor eMail
Fred NikolacP Engineering Instructor
Oxana PantchenkoP Engineering Instructor (650) 949-7259eMail
Lauri PapayP Mathematics instructor eMail
Sarah ParikhF Engineering and Physics Instructor (650) 949-7748eMail
Norman ParisP Mathematics instructor eMail
Young Hee Park LeeF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7560eMail
Kathryn A PerinoF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7554eMail
Tri H. PhamP Computer Science Instructor eMail
Amanda PittsF Chemistry instructor (650) 949-7418eMail
Mario RamosF Systems Administrator (650) 949-7108eMail
Sandhya RaoF Chemistry Instructor (650) 949-7627eMail
Eric ReedF PSME Center Director (650) 949-7091eMail
Nayereh RezaieP Chemistry Instructor eMail
Thomas RiordanP Computer Science Instructor eMail
Amidollah SalariP Chemistry instructor eMail
John SawkaF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7495eMail
John SchaffertP Chemistry Instructor (650) 239-3626eMail
Lori SilvermanF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7455eMail
Jennifer SinclairF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7132eMail
Ashok SinhaP Chemistry Instructor (650) 949-7999 x4533eMail
Brian StanleyF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7573eMail
Sumithira SukumarP Mathematics instructor eMail
Jyothi SureshP Mathematics instructor eMail
Victor TamF Interim Dean PSME (650) 949-7472eMail
Riordan ThomasP CS instructor eMail
Maria TomutiuP Mathematics Instructor eMail
Viet TrinhF Computer Science Instructor
Diana UilecanP Math Instructor (650) 949-7236eMail
Anand VenkataramanP Computer Science Instructor eMail
Sue WangF Engineering and Physics Instructor (650) 949-7493eMail
Xiao (Rose) WangP Chemistry Instructor eMail
Sarah WilliamsF Mathematics instructor (650) 949-7140eMail
Charles WitschorikF Mathematics Instructor eMail
Winnie WongP Mathematics Faculty eMail
Wilbur WongP Mathematics Instructor eMail
Anna WuF Chemistry Lab Technician (650) 949-7291eMail
Liping (Allie) XiongF Computer Science Instructor
Max YuenP Physics Instructor eMail
Teresa ZwackF Mathematics Instructor (650) 949-7443eMail
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