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Kinesiology and Athletics Division
3 hours laboratory.1 Unit

Total Quarter Learning Hours: 36 (Total of All Lecture, Lecture/Lab, and Lab hours X 12)
 Lecture Hours: Lab Hours: 3 Lecture/Lab:
 Note: If Lab hours are specified, see item 10. Lab Content below.

Repeatability -
Statement: Not Repeatable.

Status -
 Course Status: ActiveGrading: Letter Grade with P/NP option
 Degree Status: ApplicableCredit Status: Credit
 Degree or Certificate Requirement: Foothill GE
 GE Status: Lifelong Understanding

Articulation Office Information -
 Transferability: BothValidation: 11-13-12

1. Description -
Provides training and instruction on the use of weights for lifetime fitness and health.
Prerequisite: None
Co-requisite: None
Advisory: This course is included in the Strength Development family of activity courses.

2. Course Objectives -
The student will
  1. participate in a structured and comprehensive program of weight training.
  2. Develop and apply personal fitness goals.
  3. Employ correct lifting technique in a variety of resistance exercises.
  4. Develop, understand, and appreciate the value of proper warm-up.
  5. Formulate a foundation of knowledge relating to the association between exercise, general nutrition, and body weight stabilization.
3. Special Facilities and/or Equipment -
Weight stacks
Squat racks

4. Course Content (Body of knowledge) -
  1. Training modalities
1. Body Weight training
2. Pulley Training
3. Machine Training
4. Free weights
  • Putting it all together
  • 1. What is the goal
    2. What training approach works best
  • Training Concepts
  • 1. Interacting with the operational environment
    2. Biomechanical characteristics
  • Participation in workout program
  • 1. The need for planning
    2. Periodization
    5. Repeatability - Moved to header area.
    6. Methods of Evaluation -
    1. Strength development as measured by
      1. Military press
      2. Bench press
      3. Squats
    2. Secondary tests
      1. Biceps Curls
      2. Sit ups
      3. Bar dips
      4. Pull ups
    7. Representative Text(s) -
    Baechle, R. Thomas. and Earle W. Roger. Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning: National Strength and Conditioning Association. Champaigin IL: Human Kinetics, 2008.

    8. Disciplines -
    Physical Education
    9. Method of Instruction -
    1. Laboratory
    2. Demonstration
    3. Cooperative learning exercises.
    10. Lab Content -
    The student will demonstrate:
    1. A Single-Joint Motion Exercise.
    2. Multiple -Joint Exercise
    3. Rotational Motion Exercise
    4. Progression of Exercises
    11. Honors Description - No longer used. Integrated into main description section.
    12. Types and/or Examples of Required Reading, Writing and Outside of Class Assignments -
    1. The student will read journals, handouts, applicable internet web sites for personal research related to improving their strength.

    13. Need/Justification -
    This course satisfies the Foothill GE Requirements for Area VII, Lifelong Learning.

    Course status: Active
    Last updated: 2014-03-20 14:40:27

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