Faculty Professional Growth Activities (PGA)

Full-time Faculty

As stated in the Faculty Association Agreement FULL-TIME FACULTY workshop presenters and participants can receive Professional Growth Activities credit for participating in the College's professional development program:
  • 38.4.2 Participation in or attendance at conferences workshops or non-credit courses approved by the Division Dean or appropriate administrator. Eighteen hours of this type of activity shall equal one quarter unit.
  • 38.4.3 Professional activities and projects approved by the Division Dean or appropriate administrator as having direct relevance to the faculty member's assignment. Faculty are advised to consult with the Dean or appropriate administrator prior to commencing these activities.
  • Fill out both forms
  • Submit your completed and signed forms to Gigi Gallagher, Human Resources Technician II.
More forms may be found on the Faculty Association page.

Part-time Faculty

Part-time faculty can use PGA for Column (Bracket) Advancement.
Detailed information about Faculty Professional Growth Activities (PGA) can be found in Article 38 of the Agreement between FHDACCD & FHDA Faculty Association.
Last Updated December 10, 2014
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