Curriculum Committee Highest Priority Topics for 2011-2012

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Topic Summary/Content Possible Action Priority/Deadlines Status

Transfer Bill: SB 1440 (and related bill AB 2302)

SB 1440 requires CCCs to offer associate degrees for transfer. These degrees require students to meet either the IGETC or CSU-Breadth requirements, plus complete a minimum of 27 quarter units in a major or area of emphasis as determined by the community college. The community college is prohibited from imposing any additional requirements for the transfer degree. Students receiving such degrees receive automatic admission to a CSU at junior level status.

AB 2302 requests that UCs accept students with transfer degrees.  Also requires the CO to establish a process to identify courses that satisfy lower division preparation requirements (C-ID). Soc and Psych AA-T degrees approved by CCC on May 17, 2011.
Math finalizing AS-T degree proposal. Comm and Kinesiology faculty beginning to develop TMC-aligned degrees. Faculty urged to continue development of TMC-aligned transfer degrees with all possible expediency. Goal is for CCC to approve several more by end of Spring quarter to forward to BoT and CO for summer approval. High In Process

General Education Learning Outcomes (GELOs)

At the end of the 2010 Spring quarter, the FH CCC discussed the development of GELOs and subsequently adopted the four ILOs to function also as GELOs, with the stipulation that we would revisit this decision. Priority for 11-12, with emphasis on review of GELOs for revisions.

Review GELOs and make changes as needed. Advise re: assessment plan. Continue discussion Spring ‘12 High In Process

Prerequisites/Content Review Process

In March 2011 the BOG approved changes to Title 5 that remove the requirement for statistical evaluation of prereqs and allowing faculty to implement prereqs solely on the basis of rigorous and regular content review. Also requires development of district In Fall ’11 the ASCCC updated guidelines for best practices in content review implementation. FH CCC has not examined its content review process in many years.

FH CCC will reexamine content review process. Important: cannot implement new option until district policy/procedure in place (APM working on this Winter and Spring 2012) High In Progress

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) policy

Administered by the College Board, the program is intended to allowing students to earn college credit for satisfactory completion of a discipline-specific examination rather than by completing an actual college course. The Academic Senate of the CSU now supports the granting of credit for CLEP exams toward meeting GE requirements. Intersegmental faculty are also working to propose a policy about accepting CLEP credit toward Associate Degrees as well as IGETC. Foothill has not reviewed its CLEP policy in almost ten years.
For more info:

CLEP Exam descriptions
ASCSU resolution on CLEP credit for GE
Review CLEP policy, and publish policy in College Catalog for transparency to students. Medium Not Started

C-ID (Course Identification Numbering System)

This goal of this project is to assign a specific number to courses that commonly transfer between CCCs, UCs and CSUs (similar to the now-retired CAN system) in an effort to facilitate transfer. Participation requires bilateral agreements (i.e. colleges agree to accept each others’ C-ID numbered courses). Intersegmental faculty are currently collaborating to develop course descriptors that will determine the standards by which individual courses may be assigned that C-ID number. FH has already submitted 30+ courses for review and faculty are strongly encouraged to participate in the development of descriptors for courses in their disciplines.

Discipline-specific list serve available at Discipline faculty strongly encouraged to review course descriptors, proposed model transfer curriculum and participate in listserv discussions. High Ongoing


BOG proposing to eliminate repeatability in most areas. Expect adoption of new rules in Spring 2012. For disciplines in which a student needs multiple opportunities to gain skill (such as studio arts or PE) we are permitted to offer up to six “levels” of a topic.

CCC reps should be prepared to help faculty revise their CORs to reflect new requirements. Medium In Process

Independent Study Course Approval Process