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Information for Employers

Steps to Hire Student Employees

Note: While Federal Work-Study Positions require an official posting (contact Adaly Padro for more information), the Student Employment office does not post District-Funded student positions. You may request, however, that we put a notice on our student employment webpage that you are hiring.

Review Eligibility Requirements

Before interviewing a student or offering a job, we recommend you go over the eligibility requirements with the student to ensure they meet them. (Most employers find it useful to email the Student Employment Coordinator for a prescreening of promising candidates before setting up their interview.)

Confirm that anyone you hire will be physically in California while doing any work.

Official Request to Hire

When you know you want to hire a student and have confirmed that they will be physically located in California while doing any work, email Christine with the student's name and CWID and officially request that they be hired.


  • If they are being hired for a Federal-Work-Study position or a District-Funded Position and what quarter you expect them to begin;
  • If they are an international (F-1) student;
  • What quarter they will begin (and, if you know, whether they will be leaving your employment before the end of the academic year);
  • Confirm the student resides in California.
  • If the student appears eligible for employment, you will be emailed a Job Assignment Card form (Adobe Sign) to complete.
  • Once you complete the Job Assignment Form, first-time Foothill student employees will be emailed the necessary onboarding forms to complete. Current and recently-former Foothill student employees will usually have little more to do other than possibly signing another Conditions of Employment form.
  • Once the student completes all requirements, you will receive an "authorization to begin work" email and can arrange the details with your student employee. Do not allow any student to begin working before you receive that email.

Dates of Employment

The Academic Year runs from July 1-June 30.

Unless otherwise noted by the Student Employment office or specified by the hiring supervisor, all student jobs are set to end June 30th, except for Federal Work-Study jobs, which end the last day of Spring classes. Notify Adaly if any student leaves their position, for any reason, before the official end date.

Before a student may continue working into the next academic year, a new request and employment assignment form must be completed.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • For purposes of calculating the 19-hour-per-week maximum, a work week runs Monday through Sunday.
  • Students can never work during scheduled class times. Please get a copy of your students' class schedules at the beginning of each quarter.
  • We recommend checking in with your student employees periodically to make sure they are doing well academically and are on track to meet the academic requirements of student employment.
  • Because of the timing of grades, some students may be conditionally approved to work a given quarter before their grades for the preceding quarter are received. If it is later determined that a student has not met the requirements for work, the student's job will be terminated. For this reason, it is wise to check with students before they start working to confirm, as best you can, that they have still meet the student employee requirements.
  • FWS employees have a limit to how much they can earn (for most FWS students, this is currently $2000/quarter). Keep this in mind when setting work schedules for your FWS student employees. It is a joint responsibility of the student and their supervisor to ensure earnings stay within the award limits. Each year is different, but we can often increase a student's award if need be during Winter or Spring Quarter.


Contact Adaly Padro in the Financial Aid Office at FHStudentEmployment@fhda.edu.edu.


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