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Interested in STEM Core 2017-2018?


  • Interest in STEM
  • Full-time Foothill student
  • Eligibility for MATH 105: Intermediate Algebra for Fall 2017

The program starts this fall. Complete these steps!

  1. Apply for admission to Foothill College.
  2. Schedule an appointment to take Math placement tests.
  3. Fill out the STEM Core interest form.

Got Questions?

The STEM Core at Foothill College is a cohort-based learning community seeking to increase the number of students in the fields of engineering and computer science.

Women, veterans and first-generation college students are encouraged to apply!

Students in the program will be guaranteed admission into the three-quarter sequence, take courses together, and compete for high-quality paid engineering and computer science internships at places like NASA Ames and Lawrence Livermore Lab.

STEM Core Program Benefits

Academic & Social Support

  • Guaranteed registration for STEM Core courses
  • Meet students with similar career and educational goals while taking the same classes
  • Free textbook loans, calculators, and supplies to get you through your STEM courses
  • Learn to build your resume, interview for internships, and write scholarship essays

Math Bridge to Calculus

  • Advance from Intermediate Algebra to Calculus in three quarters
  • STEM Core cohorts around the state pass classes at 20-30% higher rates than non-STEM Core
  • Embedded tutoring and math workshops

Internships and Field Trips

  • Compete for paid summer internships at Nissan, Lockheed Martin, NASA Ames, Jabil and other employers (many internships are exclusive to STEM Core participants)
  • Visit local engineering and computer science employers


Please contact Donna Miranda at 650.949.7665 or email, Subject: STEM Core.

Page last modified: May 02, 2017