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The Library and Learning Resource Center Division (LRC) provides library and tutorial support services to students across all disciplines and subjects.

LRC support programs include the Library, Pass the Torch, STEM Center, and Writing & Language Center. Each program focuses on serving the various academic needs of our diverse student populations. Through programming and services, our LRC Division staff and faculty are dedicated to supporting students in gaining knowledge and skills that will allow them to be self-aware, active, and independent learners.




The Hubert H. Semans Library offers a vast collection of resources in print and online, including books, periodicals, textbooks, videos, laptops, and calculators, along with safe and welcoming spaces for private and collaborative study—with access to free WiFi. Librarians are available in person and online to support student research assignments.

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Pass The Torch

Pass the Torch is an online and in-person free peer-to-peer tutoring service that links students who need help with students who excel in the following core courses: Mathematics, English, Literature, and English for Second-Language Learners (ESLL).

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STEM Center

The STEM Center offers drop-in tutoring on campus and online via ZOOM.  Our instructors are scheduled throughout the day to help you one-on-one with  the following topics: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Math, Networking, Physics. Geography, Geospatial Information Systems (GIS). Accounting, and Economics.

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Writing & Language Center

The Writing and Language Center (WLC), previously known as the TLC (Teaching and Learning Center), offers free online and in-person drop-in and by-appointment tutoring for reading, writing, research, conversation, and study skills across all subjects.

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