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Language Arts

Student Recognition Awards 2023

Congratulations to our students!

student holding certificate surrounded by family memberCongratulations to all our students recognized for their contributions at this year's Language Arts division ceremony, and thank you to all the family members, friends, faculty, and scholarship donors who helped make it special.

Find more photos from the event in the scholarship section below and on our downloadable celebration photo gallery.

A Language Arts Division Tradition

For more than thirty years, with generous support from Bruce Swenson, former president of the FHDA Board of Trustees, the Language Arts Awards have brought students, faculty, staff and administrators from Foothill's English, Foreign Language, and ESL departments together to celebrate our shared creativity, courage, and commitment as a learning community. This year, we are pleased to add students and faculty from the college's new Ethnic Studies program.

Celebrating Student Words, Wisdom & Action

Instead of being based solely on grades or tests, these awards celebrate the words, wisdom, and actions of students for each quarter — all of whom have overcome enormous obstacles to achieve success in college. In addition, these same students have reached out to assist and inspire others to succeed and thrive as well.

Those who receive an award can feel proud that their professor carefully selected them for praise and acknowledgment from among many dozens or even hundreds of students. And they should know that the extra effort and care and love they poured into their classes is an inspiration to all of us. 

Our Celebration is Twofold

All faculty may select students in their classes to honor with a Language Arts Recognition Award. In addition, faculty may nominate students for our four Language Arts Division Scholarships, with this year's scholarship recipients highlighted below from the nominating faculty.

It is the privilege of the Language Arts division to honor the following students for our Language Arts Recognition Awards and our Special Scholarships. Please watch our video from this year's event and visit both sections below to view those students receiving awards this year!

Language Arts Recognition Awards 2023

Language Arts Awards Ceremony 2023

Congratulations to all our students recognized for their contributions at our division ceremony on June 9, 2023. You may watch the Zoom recording of the ceremony or download the slide presentation below.

Watch the Zoom Recording

Download the Slide Presentation

Student Recognition by Department


Jenny Banh Ileana da Silva
Alice de Martel Ileana da Silva
Lucila Espinoza Hilda Fernandez
Cristian Vasquez Hilda Fernandez
Juliana Candido Pagani Jordana Griffiths
Ashley Staggs Jordana Griffiths
Jemarie Dumas Stephanie King
Justin Allahyari Brian Lewis
Orun Altintas Brian Lewis
Sumaiya Rahman James McDonald
Russell Wong James McDonald
Elizabeth Huertas Natalia Menendez
Diego Vasquez Natalia Menendez
Peter Carini Isabel Sperry
Gloria Dalton-Flores Isabel Sperry


English for Second Language Learners

Kathleen Celis Katie Ha
Viktoriya Nossova Katie Ha
Monica Murillo Robert Lanz
Daria Raniushkina Robert Lanz
Socorro Castaneda Amy Sarver
Anahi Luna Amy Sarver
Marie Moll Amy Sarver


Ethnic Studies

Kimberley C. Martinez Ulysses Acevedo


Jonah Noralahi Ikuko Rakow


Gladys Garcia Patricia Crespo-Martin
Cindy Hart Patricia Crespo-Martin
Hamid Amirazizi Rocio Giráldez Betrón
Shannon Bury Julio Rivera-Montanez
Julia Shrivastava Julio Rivera-Montanez

Language Arts Special Scholarships

Thanks to the generosity of donors who are committed to honoring our students, we are proud to announce recipients of the following special scholarships.

Scholarship Criteria: Recipients were nominated by the faculty in the division and selected by a committee of division representatives.

Nancy G. Schrier Creative Writing Award ($500)


to our two recipients of this year’s
Nancy Schrier Award

nominated by
(not pictured)

Ryan Young family of 8

nominated by

About the Scholarship

Nancy G. Schrier was an enthusiastic teacher at Foothill College for 25 years and enjoyed sharing her passion for poetry and fiction with students. The purpose of this fund is to provide annual award(s) to Foothill student(s) nominated and chosen by Foothill Language Arts faculty. Specifically, the award is for a student who has taken at least one English class in the current academic year and has demonstrated a passion for creative writing and/or poetry.  Special consideration is given to those students who have persevered in the face of challenges to pursue their education.

Jason Whitten Memorial Award for Outstanding English Students ($500)


to our two recipients of this year’s
Jason Whitten Memorial Award

Meet the IOANE TALOA VETE family of 7

nominated by


Meet Lydia Calkum and her family of 2

nominated by

About the Scholarship

This award honors a student who has taken at least one English class in the current academic year, has persevered in the face of challenges to pursue their education, and who has become an outstanding student in English as demonstrated through their writing. The student should have a passion for reading and writing but have also overcome adversity to succeed at Foothill.

Anne Paye Award for Demonstrated Facility with Language ($500)


recipient of this year’s
Anne Paye Award for Demonstrated Facility with Language

nominated by

Meet William Nguyen and Stephanie Chan

About the Scholarship

Over her long career as an English faculty member at Foothill College, Anne Paye evinced a profound appreciation for the novel use of language. This award is given to a Language Arts student who has demonstrated a similar love of language. The student’s writing may not have been perfect or free of error, but it showcased language in new, interesting, and/or exciting ways; the student might have marshaled unexpected evidence in support of an argument, or they may have turned a phrase so exactly that the reader was given pause to reflect. The student’s writing should call attention to itself both for its precision and its insight.

Fred H. McClure ESL Award ($500)


to our two recipients of this year’s
Anne Paye Award for Demonstrated Facility with Language

Meet Karen Rojas and Amy Sarver

nominated by

nominated by
(not pictured)


About the Scholarship

This award is for non-native English speakers who have distinguished themselves in an ESLL or English class. This recognition should go to exemplary students whose work and work ethic demonstrated a commitment to learning and excelling. The students may not necessarily have been “A” students, but should have demonstrated through class work and participation an above average engagement in the learning process. The award recognizes the students’ determination to learn and grow, to highlight their persistence, perseverance, and eagerness to reach beyond the standard outcomes of a course.

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