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Language Arts

Get Credit for What You Know

Students with prior knowledge of a language can get credit by exam for one quarter of a language.

Follow These Steps

  1. Register for the class you wish to challenge.
  2. Fill out a Petition for Credit by Examination, which must be approved by the course instructor and the Dean of the Language Arts Division.
  3. Take the final exam for the course before the end of the second week of instruction.
  4. The grade on the exam becomes the grade for the course.

You do not need to continue attending the class but you must remain registered in the class for the entire quarter and cannot register for another class at the same time.

  • If you fail the exam, you cannot take the final with the rest of the class but you do have the option of repeating the class as a regular student in a subsequent quarter.
  • You may only challenge one course in the sequence.

Get ahead. Expand your horizons. Study a language!



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